Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Mt. Tabor - Portland, OR

Mt. Tabor City Park in Portland is a beautiful park with lots of paths to hike and explore.  It has a children's playground, of course, and it is multi-leveled so getting to the top (via the paths or stairs) is definitely a workout!   It's huge and all its views are beautiful. 

But aside from it being a fabulous park to visit for the day (or attend a summer concert in the evening) it is host the annual Mt. Tabor Downhill Challenge.

AND since it is in Portland, what better excuse do we need, if we can sneak in a little visit with Caleb too!?  

Hannah got new fairy wings to wear (so he can find us easily) since her other ones didn't hold up in the wind at Maryhill.

Here's a few shots from round one.

Here comes @Silverlongboarder    | cheer now :-)  |

Last year was our first time at this race.  This year he felt really prepared, knowing what to expect, and having just raced at Maryhill.

It's always a little challenging with the little ones under 10.  I always pack lots of fun snacks and new things to do and that helps. 

But when we start to hear the racers coming, everyone gets excited. 
"There's DAD!"

He is smart to stay in the front skater's draft.

and then passing.

He made it to the finals in his division (masters - over 50)

He did so great.  He placed 6th out of 16!  We are all super proud of him!

This year Eric's Aunt, who lives in Eugene joined us.  It was so great to see her, if only just for the afternoon.  How did I not get a picture of the group with her, I don't know!

At one point Hannah went to the top of the park to check in with Dad when she discovered this! 

Seriously, a piano just sitting there.  It reminded me of Alice in Wonderful.  (Eat Me... Drink Me... Play Me!)

After we packed the car and parted ways with his Aunt, we were in desperate need of some good coffee before our long drive home.  But with it being just a few minutes before 6:00 pm, we didn't know if we'd find any place open. 

YAY!  I was so relieved!  

Rather than taking time to get everyone out of the car and risking getting to the door and having them turn off the open sign, and say through the glass, "sorry, we're closed." - which would have been the absolute worst! Eric went in to grab coffees and some beans to bring home.  

Meanwhile, we were parked in front of this house that had a whimsical little entry. 

and beautiful flowers. 

 And we were able to see Caleb too!  
And did I get any pictures of him?  Nope...I fail. 

But, I do have this for you... (Compliments Greg Durrett).


  1. Fun - love Mt. Tabor park! They have those pianos all over the city. I've seen one in downtown, but haven't seen this one...might have to go visit it soon!


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