Tuesday, November 7, 2017

PDX Coffee Fest

Hey There,

I forgot to tell you all about the Coffee Fest in Portland that we attended back in mid-October.  It was a Friday-Saturday-Sunday event.  The original plan was for Eric, Hannah, and I to attend the event, and Dan would come along to spend the weekend with Caleb.  The girlies would stay with a friend of mine, and Matt... well he had to work so he held down the home-front.

The Friday morning details of connecting with Caleb and getting to the event, all the while dealing with Portland-city-Friday-morning-commute traffic, made us have to change that plan.  (Need to get a new brother date on the calendar!)  As it turned out, Matt didn't have to work the weekend - only Friday, so Dan stayed home and had different bro time.  He was also spared from the 3:00 a.m. hit the road. 

Suitcases, pillows and blankets...

A silly bathroom selfie with my girl.  (And by the way the Oregon (Portland) convention center has very nice bathrooms!

This event is part trade show, part education with classes offered on everything from green bean buying to the logistics of running of coffee shop and everything in between.  There were also prestigious latte art and cold brew competitions going on.

This isn't any coffee - it's specialty coffee or what's maybe more commonly known as 3rd wave coffee.  SO good!

There are also tea exhibitors too.  We sampled some A-MA-ZING tumeric chai!  Be on the watch for that at your local coffee spot.

I love to look at packaging for idea and trends. 

This little beauty takes whole almonds (or whatever nut you use), blends them into a butter -which you can use at that point or, add water and it blends that into almond milk in about 5 minutes.  Would LOVE to have that.  So easy homemade nut butter/milks. Meant for the coffee house, but they are coming out with one for home use.

Cupping kettles.

Coffee - coffee - coffee

Hannah had homework that was due so she took advantage of free high-speed internet to get some assignments turned in. 

A young guy, who works for Cafe Imports (coffee importers) created this map.  It's like a work of 
art.  I asked the gal at the booth if I could take a photo because I admired it and thought it was so cool.  She said they had been giving them out for free, but they had run out.  😢
 He overheard me say how much I liked it, and he secretly called me over and said he had a few left stashed away, and handed one to me.  SCORE!  

We plan to frame it and hang it in the roastery, but we may leave it so that we can put map pins from each place we buy coffee.  Not sure yet though.  

The trade show part of the event is definitely fun with all the free samples you get to try and the free swag.  I think this was a horchada, but with oat milk.  So yum. (Pacific brand)

The best part of Coffee Fest in Portland - was that we got to meet up with family for dinner on Saturday night.  You know the theme there, right?  "Keep Portland Weird."

Caleb was cool to find a restaurant that Hannah could eat at.  Also - we were meeting up with Eric's two aunts who live in Eugene.  They drove up to spend time with us - so they were joining us for dinner too.  These two 😍

This aunt is an artist (specifically, a painter) and she painted our logo for us.

the other aunt is a grant writer. These two sisters are trying to convince their oldest sister (Eric's mom) to move to Oregon.  We'd sure like that.  😊
Anyway, if you find yourself in Portland, Dick's Kitchen is a good place to eat if you have dietary issues.  They are super accommodating and it's super good!

Each day we had early morning classes.  I have to say that they were super informative and motivating.  I learned so much - and tucked away thoughts and ideas for the future if we ever open up our own coffee house (coffee goals).

There's good reason that Hannah is our social media manager.

Also - have you ever tried macadamia milk?  It is so good and makes the best foam.

Once it was over, we decided to surprise Hannah.

She kind of couldn't believe it.  She has wanted Dr. Marten's for about four years.  This was an early birthday/Christmas present... kind of had to since were in Portland, you know (AND they have NO sales tax! yay for us.)

It was so much fun to watch her shop and choose.

Trying to decide between plum and cherry.

plum won.

I'm not sure who was happier - her with her new Dr. Martin's or us watching her be so happy.

She would have worn them home, but it was recommended to wax them each day for a week so they would be waterproof and the wax has to dry for a bit.

Our drive down to Portland was rainy, and much of Friday was too, but it turned into a lovely sunny weekend with temperatures in the low 70s. Truly picture perfect. 
Beautiful Mt. Hood and downtown Portland.

We are so excited to start on this coffee adventure.  Our plans have been submitted with the county and we are awaiting our building permit.  Hoping and praying for the end of November, Lord willing.


Thursday, October 26, 2017

Family photos

I have really come to enjoy taking family pictures.  It used to stress me out trying to figure out what everyone was going to wear, then I asked a fellow blogger, whose family pictures are always amazing, what her approach was.  She didn't stress over matching or coordinated clothes.  That thought was kind of revolutionary to me.  The more I thought about it, the more I realized that the kids' own personalities shines through more, I think, when I haven't forced the look.  

Recently we were all able to get together, which was crazy to make that happen.  Caleb was willing to drive up, but couldn't arrive until late Saturday night.  He would be available all day Sunday until about 6 pm when he would need to head back to Portland.  Sarah had Saturday off, but would have to work on Sunday until 4 pm.  So - our only window was Sunday between 4 and 6 pm.  We decided to meet Sarah down by her work to make the most of the remaining daylight.  Matt found a great place just a block away. 

You know sometimes the older kids make a fuss about gathering together for photos, but secretly, I think they like it.

Dan was happy to have some shots taken to prove his height since our last shoot.  I really like this background.

and I'm thinkin' we managed to get a shot for our Christmas card this year.

Just across the street was a coffee house...so coffee and cocoas to finish the day.

The weather and late afternoon light were perfect.  I'm really happy with the shots I got. 
And I'm so thankful for the fun we had and the family memories we made all together. 

- Carol