Saturday, January 21, 2017

365 challenge - week 3

This week flew by before I realized I hadn't posted anything, 
but here I am with week 3 of the challenge.  

I think I mentioned that last weekend Eric painted the downstairs. He took advantage of having a holiday off from work [ MLK, Jr. ] Painting a space that you live in can get a bit  tricky... and chaotic. 😏  

Fresh space, fresh week.  This week brought days of just ordinary things, grocery shopping, catching up on laundry, pressing onward and upward with 5 paragraph essays, and multiplication facts, and listening to emergent readers.  These are the days that I cherish.

14-365 [ delicate ]

15-365 [ starts with W ]

16-365 [  my walls ]

17-365 [ outside my window ]

18-365 [ pattern ]

19-365 [ blurry ]

20-365 [ what I'm reading ]

21-365 [ street ]

As always, I welcome your feedback on my photographs. 😊

Hoping you had a good week.
- Carol

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Sunday, January 15, 2017

365 Challenge - week 2

Hello Friends,

It's Sunday and I'm posting about my second week of 365 Challenge photos.
Even though the week was a quieter one, and I was home most of the time, I found the photography challenge to be, well, a challenge.  We still have quite of a bit of ice around, which makes walking around the property a bit dicey.  I felt limited in finding subjects, but the challenge does have prompts so I do have something to work with. This week I took most of the pictures inside, which is where I need most of the practice anyway so that I can get better with limited and low light.

08/365 [ looking down ]

09/365 [ my work space ]

10/365 [ in my cup ]

11/365 [ classic ]

12/365 [ self portrait ]

13/365 [ emotion ]

This challenge is challenging in many ways. There is the obvious of finding subject matter, and also the specifics of settings and technique, but also I find that time is at a premium.  Often the best time to take a photograph in terms of daylight, is not always the best time for me to stop what I doing to shoot.
I am one photograph short.  The last photograph of this week had the prompt of [ delicate ].  I will make up for it this coming week.  😏

- Carol

Wednesday, January 11, 2017

10 on 10

10 pictures on the 10th day of the month!
{Document a snapshot of your life and find beauty among the ordinary things in your day!}

I think this is a fun idea, but usually the 10th of the month comes and goes, before I remember, "oh yeah, I should do that 10 on 10 thing".  Anyway, I finally remembered! 

First things first...breakfast.  
I love me some sauteed red bell pepper and onions with my eggs. 

We made snowflakes on our last Funday Monday.  They needed to dry overnight and then we could peel them off the parchment paper.  The peeling off took a long while, but... Ta Da!  Snowflakes.

 While doing school with Ellie, these two got a bee in their bonnet that they needed to vacuum and mop (at the same time!) the whole house.  You GO girls!  Always happy to have the extra help. 😀

Snack time.  Hannah whipped up these No Bakes.  It's so hard to have just one, but they are healthy so there is that!

Most of my day is spent in school time with the kids.  Currently Ellie is using the 10 Days to Multiplication Mastery.  This is a little gem and gets those facts solidified!  Also I'm really liking Spelling You See.

I took a little break from school to try to snap a couple of pictures for the photo challenge. (the prompt was "looking down.")

I couldn't help but smile at the millions of beautiful sparkles in the snow.  Like tiny little diamonds.

For dinner I made a recipe I found on Pinterest called "Jared's General Tso's Chicken".  (tweaked a bit for us, but so delicious!)  I served it with sides of brown rice, steamed carrots, and steamed broccoli.

I looked out my kitchen window to find this amazing moon-rise!  Even though this looks like a full moon, my little Susan Branch calendar says that Thursday is a "wolf moon."  It reflected on the snow and cast such a lovely hue. 

Recently Eric painted downstairs. It's a basement, so years ago I chose a warm-ish color thinking it would make it feel cozy instead of dank and dark.  This time we just went with the color we have throughout the rest of the house (Benjamin Moore Butter Pecan.)  WOWSA.  What a difference.  It looks so nice and clean and bright!
While Matthew and Hannah went to the movies [Passengers, which they say is very well done], and the little girls were all snug in their beds for the night, Eric, Daniel, and I hung some pictures downstairs.

 And that was my day.

Here is the recipe for the "no bakes" if you'd like to try them.

Chocolate No Bake Cookies
2/3 c. maple
1/4 c. oil
5 Tbsp. unsweetened cocoa powder
1 tsp. cinnamon
1/2 c. almond butter
1 c. oats
1 tsp. vanilla

In a saucepan over medium heat, combine maple syrup, oil, cocoa powder, and cinnamon.  Boil for 3 minutes, stirring constantly.  Remove from heat and stir in almond butter, oats, and vanilla until well blended.  Drop by spoonfuls onto waxed paper lined cookie sheet or plate and chill in the refrigerator to set ~ about 30 minutes.  Makes approximately 2 dozen.

Even though this "10 on 10" was a simple exercise in documenting my day, it made me more aware of just how blessed I am to be able to be home with the kids just "doing life" with them.

- Carol

Monday, January 9, 2017

Life Lately

Good Morning to you!

It has been so cold here in Washington.  We woke up to a new year with a fresh blanket of snow.  It felt a little metaphoric. Fresh snow - fresh start. That's ok.  I like that. 
We've been stuck below freezing since then.

Daniel was in need of some shoes for the 12th Night Ball.  He and I went shoe shopping and saw this water fountain that was in front of the store next door.  I thought it looked so cool.  See, I wasn't kidding when I told you it's been COLD!

. . . . .

Our first Funday Monday of the new year brought us studies in value.

and then naming them. I love the difference in personality that shows through here.

contrast and value

. . . . .

Mary lost her first tooth!  She was SO EXCITED!  Three others are wiggly.
And that was the LAST of the first tooths.  😏

. . . . . 

We had our first family adventure of 2017.  
We took a ferry over to Whidbey Island to the little charming town of Langley for the 
"Sea Float Scramble".

Side Note:
Half way into our ferry ride they stopped the ferry completely so that a memorial could be observed.
This small group of people huddled together for, what appeared, special words and prayer.

They then threw two packages into the water followed by white rose petals.  I had no idea that the ferry system would let you do that.  I thought you could only do that from a private vessel or the Neptune Society.  Anyway, I debated about whether or not to snap a photo, not wanting to be disrespectful or irreverent, but since I was witness to it, I chose to.

We arrived in Langley with plenty of time and found the spot where this Scramble was to take place.

This sea float experience is different from the one on Jetty Island.  The floats here are not hidden, but rather a race to get to them first.  We thought we had a pretty good chance because we were up in front.

Believe it or not we did NOT get to any floats in time!  Both Ellie and Abbie were right up front, but they are not aggressive.  Mary stayed with Eric (good thing!) Daniel, Hannah, and I were about 4-5 rows of people back, so by the time we got to where they were...

BUT,  there are some kind people in the world.  Abbie and I were together when an older lady came up to her and asked if she had gotten one.  I think she could see Abbie's disappointment and offered her a "wishing stone".  It's a flat piece of smooth glass with colors inside.  Someone else offered the same thing to Ellie, and best of all...a man asked Mary and Eric if they had gotten anything, and he gave a sea float to Mary!

 A local glass artisan makes these especially for this annual event.  This year they put out 500 of them!

Afterwards we hit the local coffee joint that we really like for some hot chocolate and pour-overs.
Across the street is the sweet shop.  How could we not go in for a sea salt dark chocolate?
While there we bumped into the mayor, and he was astounded by the turnout of people.  In years past, he said there were always enough floats for everyone to have one.

It was super cold, but super fun, and we came home with a few treasures.  :-)

. . . . .

A friend invited us to see the Gothard Sisters perform at a local school.  They were amazing.  They all began learning classical violin (like at age five), but have learned other instruments as well (guitar, penny whistle, bodhran drum, mandolin, just to name a few) - AND they are competitive Irish Dancers as well.

They made fiddling and dancing look so easy.  They were truly inspiring.
How we would all love to take Irish dancing lessons!)

. . . . .

It's a quieter week for us this week.  For that I am thankful, as we continue to ease into routine again and try to find a good rhythm for school and...stuff.

- Carol

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