Saturday, May 26, 2018

My people and me

"Mother's Day is less about being deeply loved and appreciated—
 and more about appreciating that we get to deeply love these people."
Ann Voskamp

. . . . . . . 

I really like this quote by Ann Voskamp.  As a young mother, I had the attitude of entitlement.  I was the mom, after all.  I worked all the time, cooking, cleaning, washing, changing diapers, on repeat.  True, that can be tiring and unappreciated, but, you know what I have come to realize over the years is that while I suppose it could be considered my "duty" - I really think it so much more my privilege!  

I want to serve my family and be a blessing to them.  What better way to show the love of Christ than to serve just as He did - quietly, without expecting accolades and recognition.  Just because I love them.

I want my husband and children to feel special.  I know how special I feel when kindnesses are done to me.  Which brings me to this year's Mother's Day.  They asked me what I wanted to do.  It was sunny and warm so of course, I always think to head to a beach to enjoy the salty air, the sea breezes, the eye candy of the water, and enjoy a treat of ice cream or coffee or something.  

We took the ferry over to Whidbey Island and headed to Langley.  It's one of my favorite sleepy seaside towns.  The ferry line was long, (and worse heading home 😬)  But once there, it's such fun to walk around this quaint town.

Sweet Mona's is a chocolate shop, but they sell Gelato and coffee as well.  Absolutely can't go wrong stopping in there!

One of my favorite things to do is beachcomb for sea glass and shells.  Sadly, the tide was coming in.

This made me smile. Not just the shell "booth", but a for reals pay phone.  In this modern day of cell phones, you just don't see this anymore. 

White picket fences with fragrant flowers and white lights... be still my beating heart.  What is it about these things that just bring such joy to me.  It's so welcoming and friendly.  (and inspiring.)

No seashells or beach glass, but still Abbie found a treasure for me.  💜

Dan's idea.

Not to be outdone.

and there were bunnies everywhere.  That made the girls giggle with glee trying to get close with the hopes to try to pet one.

The gift of their time is absolutely the best kind of gift they could give me. I am well aware of these fleeting days and how things can change in an instant.  I am so blessed and so thankful for my people!

Saturday, May 19, 2018

This ol' blog is collecting quite a bit of dust.  I don't really mean for it to, it's just we have a lot going on that requires me elsewhere - mostly mentally.  

But how could I not pay a little tribute to our third-born who just (ahem, in April) turned 22?

He was able to take the week off from work and head to Portland for some much-needed bro-time.
After that he headed up to the north end of Washington to spend some time with an old buddy that he doesn't get to see too often.  All in all, I think the break away from work and the usual responsibilities of home life, along with time to process the first few months of this year was a real gift to himself.

We missed him, but he planned his schedule perfectly because he was back home on the day of his birthday!
According to Matt, pumpkin pie is completely acceptable in April. 😉  It's his favorite so why not?

I'm really proud of Matt.  He has earned many awards at work for excellence.  He has put his all into his job performance and it shows to the outside looking world.  I am thankful for his work ethic.  Not because I am a bragging parent.  I just really like who he has become.

He isn't one to wear his emotions on his sleeve, but I know he is a thinker.  He has strong convictions, that don't always go along the popular path.  But, he has thought them through and he stands behind them.  I appreciate that.  He would be a good debater.  (not an arguer, but rather just one to present a position and back it up thoughtfully.)   While he isn't quiet, he is an ENFJ (Extroverted - Intuitive - Feeling - Judging) after all, but he does keep his thoughts and emotions to himself, and drawing him out takes time and patience.  I am always so thankful for those times when he is willing to let me in and see things from where he stands - from his side of the world.

I know our time with him at home is limited.  Soon he'll be off on his own, and that is good and as it should be, but why does it pull on my heart strings so much?  Maybe because I fear that time apart will drift us apart.  I don't know.  But for now... he is here and I am so thankful for this "gift of God". 

Friday, April 13, 2018


Last month we had some special people come to visit.  Both just wanted to see for themselves that Hannah is indeed alive and healing. 
Neither Sarah nor Grammy planned their trips to overlap, but they did for a few days, which was great for both of them being coasts apart. 
While Sarah was here, she helped me by taking over school lessons while I took Hannah to therapy appointments. Grammy spent time getting to know the kids again.  They have changed so much since she was here five years ago.   

It was a pretty low key time, which as it turned out was what we all needed. 

We did, however, take Grammy to our favorite coffee house.  Since it's just down the street from the hospital where Hannah has her therapy, we thought we would take her and pass the time of her appointment by playing some games all the while introducing Grammy to the world of specialty coffee.

We brought sketch pads too.

even hot cocoa get's latte art. 😍

Games we brought:   Go Fish, Snappy Dressers, and Story Cubes

It was fun to show her a day in our life...

Even though it was a rather ordinary visit, it was sprinkled with special moments.