Saturday, August 1, 2015

Downhill challenge

So this is why we went to Portland.
But she wasn't the racer
  he was.

 Sarah had this t-shirt made for Eric for Father's Day.

This was some of the track. 
On the one hand I was glad to see them take precautions and put up hay bales for safety. 
On the other hand it was a little unsettling that they put hay bales up for safety.

A trial run.

The night before the race it rained. Eric was a little nervous about the possibility of wet pavement.  He does have lots of experience on wet roads because he longboards every day on his commute to work  - rain or shine, just not downhill at speeds of 30 - 35 mph.

Another run.
Here he comes

there he goes.

Once at the bottom of the hill, they would load up all the competitors and give them a lift to the top again for another heat.


While he raced, we watched and played

around and around this tree.
We drew silly pictures.
We sat on a quilt and ate snacks,

and watched weird people,

 and then cheered when our hero raced by.

It was so fun to watch him.

One last time.
Feel the burn!


The view from the top of Mt. Tabor.

After the race we hit a nearby Costco for a cheap dinner.  Then we went for COFFEE.

One of the top coffee spots in the area... Case Study Coffee.

#coffee is serious business.

I'll tell you about other parts of our trip in my next post.

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