Saturday, March 1, 2014

The Emmaline Apron

I found myself with a little unexpected free time yesterday, so I thought I would do a little sewing.  
I had found the cutest fabric shortly after my post about my need for a new apron.

I approached this project with trepidation because it was a pattern I have never used before, and when I read over the instructions, they were a bit confusing.  I wasn't sure if the instructions weren't clear, or my head wasn't clear. 
Anyway, whenever I have a sewing project, I usually take one day to cut it all out and then take the next {or few} to do the sewing.  I seem to make fewer mistakes when I do it that way.
That was my plan.  Just cut it out and set it aside for another time.

The cutting went quickly as there are not many pieces to the pattern. 
I thought, "Maybe I'll just work on the bodice portion." 
Since it is a reversible apron there are two bodice pieces.  I planned to stop after that step, but that step also went quickly.  So far it was simple enough.  I decided to move to the next step - the skirt pieces.   That was easy-peasy too. 

Since it was going so smoothly, I decided to keep going.  Attaching the bodice to the skirt {times 2}  Done.
Sew on the waist ties.  Done.
Sew them together to make one reversible piece. Done.
Once I got going, each step was quite simple.  I was so thankful.
I think the creator of the pattern wrote it for people who do not sew and are not familiar with sewing terminology, which is why I wasn't understanding at a glance. {Because she explained things a bit differently.}
The only step that was challenging was attaching the neck strap.  Not hard, but I am a bit of a perfectionist. 

I was able to get it finished in one day.  :-) 

Here it is... what do you think?

I'm lovin' the aqua!

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  1. Oooh I love it!! Reversible is awesome. Btw, I hemmed my dress *finally* today. But wow, what a pain. Grr. I got it done though, and I'll be wearing it tomorrow!


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