Friday, January 10, 2014

A housewife's best friend

I think it's safe to say that I am an apron junkie.  I have a lot of  aprons, but not enough hooks to hang them all. 

I love aprons for so many reasons.  
They are practical - they protect the clothes of sloppy cooks {that would be me!}

They are useful - they hold vegetables from a quick picking in the garden.  They also provide a soft, comforting edge with which to wipe a child's smudge or tear.

They are inspiring -  When a woman puts on an apron, she is ready to tackle all the work that lies before her, making her more industrious than she might have been without it.  Have you ever seen a woman, wearing an apron, just sitting around?

They are comforting -  When children see Mother wearing an apron they know that the kitchen will soon smell of delicious food or sweet treats, and that the home and those inside are loved and tenderly cared for.

The are feminine -  Nothing speaks more clearly of the love of domesticity! 

The are iconicAprons are the iconic image of a bygone era of simpler times.  I want to hold onto that era a bit longer - I'm sentimental that way.  Simple and uncomplicated will always appeal to me. 

I have a favorite apron.  I made it from a pattern called the "Flirty Skirty". 

I think it is as cute as the name.  It has little pockets on the hips too.  I find that feature so useful as I go around tidying the house.  In the left pocket I usually stash things to put away {loose rubber-bands, lonely Lego pieces, etc.} In the right I put things destined for the trash {bits of paper, broken crayon pieces, etc.} 

I recently bought this apron pattern, and I am so excited.

Right about this time of year, in dreary January, I am in need of something cheery. 
I think this new apron will be the ticket.
I'm thinking it must have aqua and polka dots.  How could you not smile at that?

I do so love the look of half aprons. but I'm mostly a full apron gal. 
Womens Half Apron Vintage Feed/Flour Sack & by Fruitfulcorner

Do you have a favorite apron? 

Did you know?  It has been said that Susanna Wesley, mother of 19 children, including John and Charles Wesley,  would flip her apron over her head in order to pray as children ran around her. 

And you thought aprons were simply just for keeping clothes clean.  :-)

~       ~       ~       ~       ~       ~       ~

So I've been thinking that since my blog is about our family's bucolic life, I'd like to begin a feature called "Farm Girl Friday".   {"For the farm girl in all of us"  Mary Jane Butters}
It'll be about "all things farm...or thereabouts". 

I can't promise it will be every Friday, but I am hoping to incorporate a Linky tool so that you all can join the fun and share too.    
{but, I'll need the advice of my technical team to help me with know who you are ;-) }
Let's see how it goes.


  1. Thank you for modeling my favorite.

  2. Yay! I LOVE aprons! I even bring one when we go on vacation when I know I'll be cooking! I seriously feel lost in the kitchen if I don't have my apron on!

  3. You ask, what is my favorite apron? Why, the one you made me of course! Hands down, it's the cutest, best fitting, and easiest to wash. Plus, I get to be reminded of my sweet friend when I wear it. :-) xoxo from CA


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