Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Our caprine scene

We are heading into our 9th year of "farming".  It was 2005 when we brought 3 little Kinder goats to our Pur et Simple homestead.  We've learned quite a lot over the years and have had our share of mishaps, headache, and heartache.   We are always learning, and each year we tweak our methods of husbandry to keep it simple and enjoyable.     

Kinders { pronounced with a short i } are a cross mix of Nubian and Pygmy.  The result is a medium sized goat that produces milk with high butterfat, which is ideal for making cheese.  Goat milk is so delicious - it's like sweet cream and should never taste off or "goaty" {unless you live in Europe where they prefer it that way.}   

In the past, we have had as many as 15 goats.  Currently we have 8 in our herd.  We are drying off our current milker, and have another due to kid in early April.  Kinders can have from 1-4 kids at one kidding.  Ours often have 2 or 3.  I wonder how many we'll get this time around?  

So, without further ado, I'll introduce you to our herd.

Zuma and Buddy:  These 2 are siblings {sister and brother} and our oldest goats from our original 3.  

Buddy is a wether {neutered male}; He watches out for Zuma, as all brothers should.  He is also a good "baby sitter".  Just a few days after birth, we separate the kids from their mothers and put them in with Buddy.  Some goats would not like that and would butt them, but Buddy is easy going and lets them snuggle up at night allowing them to keep warm. 

Zuma, the matriarch of the herd. She is the one that has the strongest pygmy qualities.
Funny how they can be siblings and yet look nothing alike.

Monterey {Monte for short}:
She is our 6 year old doe and is a bit bossy with the younger goats, but very friendly with people. 

We have just finished with our milking season with Sydney.  She is a 3 year old doe.  Apparently there is a recessive "skittish" gene, and she has it.  She was fairly good on the milk stand, but getting her there was sometimes challenging. However, her milk was delicious and was a good incentive to keep working with her.  

Monte's daughter, born in 2012.  She is the one due to kid in April. 

Also Monte's daughter and Iona's sister.  She will be the next one to be bred.

Aren't they cute when they are little? 
Kids like to play

Lastly, we have 2 little ones - In and Out {yes, as in burger....because, well, that is there lot in life.}

Our goats are all unique and fun-loving {most of the time}, and I am thankful for the delicious milk they give us along with a lot of laughs, and very efficient brush clearing!

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  1. Aww your goats are SO cute :-)
    Especially In & Out... haha, brilliant names!


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