Friday, January 3, 2014

What to do?

I'm not exactly sure when it all came about, but I do remember casually sitting around in the living room, and mentioning to the older children that I had this really cool, black and white framed photo of a lobster shack in Maine, and that I wanted to hang it up along with other black and white photos, but I had no idea where.
Matthew suggested that we make a floor to ceiling photo wall in the stairway that leads downstairs. 
It is such an odd space.  It's tall and skinny, but it does beg for something to be hung there.  It's a tricky place because it is very tall, so getting pictures hung up high {and adjusting crooked ones} will be difficult.  Additionally, it may be difficult to see the people in the photos that are hung high.

I was skeptical about this wall idea because of the cluttered look with so many frames.
I decided to tweak Matthew's idea and have one larger frame that would act like a focal point, take up some space, and bring it all together.  

Caleb gave me this for Christmas.  

The perfect focal point!

This is what we have so far

The lobster shack is at the top on the left, and the pier on the right is of Seal Beach.  The special thing about that is that it is symbolic of Eric and me {he from the East Coast and me from the West.}

I am going for "organized chaos" instead of symmetrical and predictable.  Kind of artsy, kind of fun. 
So then I had the idea to add a few aqua blue frames with Scripture in them to 
break up the monotony of the black and white.  They "pop" and I love it!

We have this much more space to go until we get to the bottom, but we all agreed that going as far as the ledge or just below will be just right.  

Just a few more pictures are's almost done.  It's turning out way better than I expected.   {and I am so thankful that my husband is not afraid to get into precarious positions on a ladder - Thank you, Eric, I love it!}


  1. I LOVE it! It looks beautiful Mama. Dad did a wonderful job

  2. Man... that frame right in the middle... with the big "B"? That's such a great gift idea! Someone awesome and clever as all get-out must have given you that!

    1. I know, right? It is just perfect. Nice choice in lettering.


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