Wednesday, February 26, 2014

The dawn of a new score...

Tomorrow is Caleb's birthday.  This is his very last night of his teen years. 
I am not sure how a score of years has passed so quickly.
There have been so many milestones in these first twenty years.
First steps... First words

First fish

First Car

Hunting trips with Dad

Getting baptised

 Finding his own style

High School graduation

Although tomorrow, by the world's standards is not a milestone birthday, I don't agree. Embarking into your 20's is a milestone - an exciting one.

We are proud of the Godly man that Caleb has become, and look forward with expectancy to see how God will lead him and grow him in the years to come. 

Stay tuned to see the celebration.


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  1. Happy Birthday Caleb!! He's such an awesome guy!

    Boy, when I get there we need to have a BIG birthday party for everyone so I can join in! Watching these birthday parties from afar is fun, but... :-)


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