Monday, February 24, 2014

Number three and One Whole Hand

The third birthday in February for us to celebrate is Abbie's. 
She just turned 5.  One whole hand.

Here is our girl in her special birthday chair...

Opening gifts in the morning...
{some special Lego horses from a special brother}

 {a beautiful princess dress made by Hannah}

 {fun coloring books from Grandma}

Abbie's birthday fell on a Sunday, so off to church we went.  Church was followed by a potluck, and then off to Sarah and Tristan's we went.  They hosted a fun birthday party for her.
They went all out with a darling table display.  Sarah found pink rock candy, pink swirly suckers, pink lemonade, pink cupcakes with white frosting.  Super cute!

Sarah also came up with her version of pin the tail on the donkey bunny.  She drew this darling bunny and enlarged it at work.   Then she made pink fluff ball tails.

They loved the game. 

and her real bunny too. 

A bit of cake...

and a couple of gifts too.

I'd say that Abbie felt like a princess for a day!
{She sure looked like one.}

Five years ago, this little one graced our lives.  

and we are so thankful that the Lord saw fit to add her to our family.  

Here are some fun facts about Abbie:

  • I'm often asked if Ellie and Abbie are twins.  {Incidentally, both were 9 days late, and both weighed 6 lbs. 15 oz.}
  • Her labor was the shortest of all my children. 
  • She cried a lot as a baby, but has a great laugh now.
  • She was born with a lot of dark, curly hair.
  • Her favorite color is "dark pink".
  • She loves all things girly: painted fingernails, curled hair, and pretty dresses. 
It's so fun to look back on pictures and see how she has grown and changed.  The Lord has recently given us glimpses of some changes of the heart as well, evidences of patience and on the inside. True beauty. 
We eagerly look forward to this fifth year to see just what the Lord would have for her. 


  1. LOVE the photos of the girls with Dr. Watson! So cute!!!

  2. Aw, Happy Birthday. :) She was so cute on Sunday telling me about all the gifts she got the morning. Looks like she got a extra special day with Sarah's party for her!

  3. Happy Birthday Abbie!
    ~Hannah, the dress you made her looks lovely!

  4. I just realized that it must be 5 years since my last visit. Emma and I came to visit Abbie shortly after she was born. :-) Can't wait to see you SOON!!!!!

    Happy Birthday sweet girl!!

    1. You are right! I remember you driving down our driveway in that super cute convertible bug. All the kids were like - "It's Aunty K!!!"
      I can't wait to see you again. :-)


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