Sunday, March 2, 2014

Schwarma, Kilts, and Caleb

Have you ever eaten Schwarma?  

That's exactly what Caleb wanted to do for his birthday. 
So that's what we did!

The younger children had chicken shish kabobs, Eric and Caleb had lamb schwarma, I had beef schwarma, and Matt and Hannah had chicken schwarma.  This massive amount of food is preceded with lentil soup and green salad. Pita bread is served on the side so you can fill it with the schwarma if you'd like it sandwich style.  Hummus is served on the side too. 

 It's delicious!

 {The birthday boy and me}

Along with trying schwarma, he also wanted to buy another kilt, but not another one from our family clan tartan, but from Utilikilts.  They are made out of plain canvas - either black, olive or brown. They are still spendy, but nothing like a kilt made from a clan tartan.
After our schwarma lunch, Caleb and Matthew headed to the city to hit Utilikilts while we took the Littles home.

Matthew said he thought that Caleb looked like an Irish mobster - his Utilikilt with the leather "thug" jacket.  {Too Funny.}
Actually, today he wore it with combat boots and a black sweater.  It's so Caleb.  Now if only you could hear his Scottish accent! 

Caleb is confident, charismatic, creative, and most importantly a Christ follower, and we are so blessed to call him our son.   

Happy 20th Birthday, Caleb!



  1. Always good to have an 'everyday kilt' I say ; )

    Happy Birthday old man! Looks like you had a good one.

    Oh and Mrs. B, I love those three adjectives you used to describe Caleb. I seem to remember saying those before...They're quite fitting, I think. ; )

    1. I couldn't help but think of you Gracie!! They describe him perfectly...then and now. :-)


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