Thursday, March 6, 2014

Abbie and an artisan kitchen tool

Abbie had been asking me for a couple of days if she could cook with me.  {}
I am sure part of her wanting was to spend time with me, but I think the other part was to be able to use a new kitchen tool that was given to her for her birthday. 

The last few days have been busy, but I promised that today would be the day that she could cook with me.  This afternoon we donned our aprons together and gathered all the ingredients to make chocolate chip cookies.  In college I used to make the Toll House recipe so often that I still have it memorized.   It's a perfect recipe for beginners - lots to dump in the bowl, lots to stir, and very yummy results.

This is the tool she received from her Great Aunt Barbara.  

It's a hand crafted wooden stir "stick" made by a local artisan on Deer Isle Maine.  {I say "local" because my aunt has a summer home on the island.}

There she is...mixing, mixing, mixing.

Oh, and tasting.  
{Because tasting the cookie dough is essential! - How else will you know if you've forgotten anything?}

I can see that this little unpretentious tool is going to be a work horse in this home.  
{Aunt Barbara was so thoughtful to send one to Abbie and one to me!}
It is satiny smooth, it is strong and does very well even with stiff batter, and is the perfect size for small hands because it is skinny.

Abbie and I had so much fun together.  Just she and me.  
Sometimes it is hard to look down the road and imagine the years when she is older.  What will she remember of her childhood days?  I know what I would want her to remember.   
One of the things ~ sweet and endearing times in the kitchen together, learning, talking, laughing, and making memories.
It doesn't seem to happen too spontaneously because life in a busy, full household has its many demands, so I shall purpose to endeavor in regular cooking making with each of my three little women!  This just may become a Fun Friday activity.
I'm so thankful for the privilege to be at home with my favorite people.


  1. Aww that looks like tons of fun!! That certainly looks like a perfect kitchen tool for every type of need and person. :) Abby looks so at home in the kitchen

    1. cooking in the kitchen not only for fun, its an enjoyable time with me :D


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