Friday, June 2, 2017

Comfrey salve

Hi Friends,

I thought I would give a little update on Eric's collar bone.  As of the last appointment (which was three weeks ago) with the orthopedist, x-rays showed no new bone growth.  Both he and I were a little disappointed at the slow progress of the healing of this break.  We attribute it to the Prednisone that he is taking for PMR. (and the rheumatologist confirmed this.)

At the suggestion of a friend, who is very knowledgeable about herbs, I decided I would do a little research on comfrey, also known as the "bone herb".  Comfrey leaf has a long history of use to promote healing of bones and wounds.    My friend suggested a poultice that could be applied.
I looked further into that, but discovered it needs to sit on the site for 4-6 hours.  That would not be difficult if it were an ankle or some place where I could wrap some plastic wrap around to hold the poultice in place.  The collar bone is a little tricky - and the poultice is a little messy.

I decided that I would make a salve, much like the healing salve I made.  I found comfrey leaf on Amazon.
I filled a quart size mason jar half - full and then covered the herb with organic olive oil.  I know that coconut oil has so many benefits, but the downside is its low melting point.  In the end, I wanted this salve to be the same consistency no matter the ambient temperature.  Anyway,  I only used one jar because it was a trial run.
I put the jar in a crock pot filled with water on WARM for 3 days to infuse the oil with comfrey.  (I did have to refill the water level several times.  Next time I will use a pint jar that will allow me to use the lid and trap some of the moisture.)

Once that was finished. I used a strip of cheesecloth to drain the oil into a pot, straining out all the herb pieces.  I wanted only the infused oil with no bits of anything.
I added some beeswax.  I have a huge block of it leftover, so I am unsure how much I used.
I melted it all together and put it in two containers to set up.  The first time through, it was much too runny, and needed more wax.  I scraped out both containers back into the pot and added more beeswax.  Once the beeswax was melted into the oil, I again poured it back into two containers to have it set up.  I think I got it right this time.  I need it to be firm enough so it is not drippy, but soft enough so that I do not have to push hard to apply it.  (ouch!)

I am going to rub this on his collar bone twice a day, and see if in three weeks, (when he returns to the orthopedist) if we have made any progress.  

Also... prayers are always appreciated!  😌

- Carol

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