Monday, July 18, 2016

Healing salve tutorial

Summer is a great time to get a few extra things done, that I don't often have time for during our school year.  One of those extras that was on my "hope to get done this summer" list was making some more healing salve.  It's also known as Eden's Salve or Green Salve.

This is such an easy thing to make, so I thought I would show you how. 

I bought the package of dried herbs from Bulk Herb Store.  

It's a mixture of plantain leaf, calendula flower, comfrey leaf, yarrow flower, rosemary leaf, 
echinacea leaf, echinacea root.  
These herbs are great to treat cuts, scrapes, itchy bug bites, and rashes.

The hardest part about this is that you'll need to infuse the oil using your crock pot for 3 days. 
I use my crockpot a lot - so I had to plan ahead to have it available.   

I have a 6 quart oval size crock pot. I wasn't sure what size jar to use. Only three quart jars would fit next to one another, but they were too tall to have the crock pot lid on.  (That is ok - more on that in a minute.)
I chose to use five pint jars, and I lined my crockpot with a washcloth. 

Fill your clean jars half way full with the herbs.  (The instructions printed on my bag of herbs said to fill 1/3 full.  Instructions that I kept from a previous bag said to fill 2/3 full.  So I compromised.)

Then fill the jar the rest of the way with oil of your choice.  I chose coconut oil because I think it's the best choice for a healing salve due to its antibacterial properties. 

Add water to your crockpot - enough to come up to the neck of the jar.  I added a bit more water after I took this picture.   Cover with a lid and turn on to WARM.  Let sit on WARM for three days. 
You don't want it to get too hot.  If your crockpot doesn't have a WARM setting, then use LOW and keep the lid off. 
Whether you choose to use a jar that is bigger and won't allow you to cover with the lid or you need to keep the lid off to keep it from getting too hot - be sure to add water daily to keep the water level where it should be.  (Note: add warm water down the side so as to not crack any jars.)

This is your beautiful herb infused oil. 

Next you'll need to strain out the herbs.  Cheesecloth works well, as did these  Handi - Wipes.

I lined a 4 cup Pyrex measuring cup and poured the jar contents into the center of the Handi Wipe. 

This was one jar's worth.   

Repeat with all the jars.  Holding the corners so that the oil filters through the mesh, but catches all the herbs.  
Squeeze out all the oil. Set the herbs (still in the Cheesecloth) aside in a 2nd bowl, as they will continue to drain, even though you think you got it all. 
Put your oil in a pot.  
Next add the beeswax.  I was fortunate enough to have had a friend give me some from her hive.  This sheet has been heated and strained from the previous time of making the salve. 

You can use beeswax pastilles.
You would use about 1/4 cup to start.  It really all depends on the amount of infused oil you have and how soft you like your salve.  

I test a sample. 
Once the beeswax is melted, spoon some into a tin or small glass jar.  Let it set up and decide for yourself if you like the consistency.  Mine was way too soft, so I put back in the pot, melted more beeswax and tried again until I was happy. 
You can add grapefruit seed extract (1 drop for every 1 oz.) as a natural preservative to extend the shelf life.  It's easiest to add the drops to your individual containers.  My tins are 2 and 4 oz. so either 2 or 4 drops per tin.  done.

All set up

and beautiful! 

These make great gifts (especially baby shower gifts) or even stocking stuffers.  I keep one in my purse, one in my car (but in a little ziploc - because the hot car makes it melty!) one in our first aid kit.  Perfect to pack along on a hike or a camping trip.  

Between Bulk Herb Store and Mountain Rose Herbs you'll find everything you need to make this amazing salve.  Seriously, it's the BEST!  (In my humble, non-medical opinion.)


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  1. Your salves look beautiful Carol! I love the combination of herbs in the mix as well as the use of the coconut oil! I am sure it is divine! :)


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