Friday, April 7, 2017


Hi Everyone, 

Last Sunday we had something very exciting happen in our family!  Daniel was baptized. 

This reminded me of how it is similar to gardening.  I plant the seeds with the hope of beautiful plants that bring forth useful fruit or beautiful, sweet smelling flowers.

The sight of green shoots popping through the dirt brings pure joy – and sometimes, for this novice gardener, confusion, unsure if it is my plant or a weed.  Time with tell. 

And so it is with my children.  They may make a profession of faith when they are very young, and what joy that brings to a mama’s heart to hear that they love Jesus.   But time will tell whether or not it is real.

I never want my children to think they are a Christian because they live in America, or because their parents are Christians, or because they attend church each Sunday, or even because they say they love Jesus.

I want them to have a personal relationship with their Creator that stems from a broken and contrite heart over their own sin, and the realization of their very personal need for the Savior.  This relationship is intimate.  And just like the plant in the garden - it will bear fruit proving what it is.

 Baptism is not an act of salvation, and it does not get you to heaven.   Baptism is an outward profession of a heartfelt confession of faith in Jesus - in his death, burial, and resurrection.
Baptism is like the flower of faith. 

Our plant has yielded fruit! 

And we are overjoyed!

3 John 4 "I have no great joy, that to hear my children walking in truth."

- Carol

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