Monday, April 3, 2017

365 photo challenge - week 13


A coffee date with a sweet young friend, a trip to Trader Joe's and Costco, more eye appointments, and a FABULOUS Colony House concert are what filled last week for me.  It hasn't quite felt like spring yet because it hasn't been warm here - only in the high 40's.  Still dreary and rainy too.  I can tell you that when the sun does shine, I do a little happy dance inside.  But, the cherry trees are beginning to bloom and it's really spectacular.  Sort of like floral fireworks.  Cherry Tree Lane on the UW campus is just beautiful. 

How about you?  What signs of spring are in your neck of the woods?

Here are my photographs for last week.  As usual I missed a couple (this time because I had NO inspiration for the prompts, but I shall try for them this week along with the new ones.)

[ 85/365 - pastel ]

[ 86/365 - lyrics ]

[87 /365 - I adore this  ]... shadows mean sunshine! 💛

[ 88/365 - less is more ]

[ 89/365 - a connection ] sometimes with adult children, who are busy, the only connection is in passing.

[ 90 /365 - self portrait ]

[ 91/365 - bokeh ]

This marks the finish of the first quarter of the year.   I finished the 1/4th of the challenge!
I thought I would repost below my favorites so far.

I'd love to hear your feedback. You can click on "photo challenge" on the side bar and it will bring up all my posts for the challenge. Tell me what you think, won't you? (about any of the photos from the challenge.)  How am I doing?  What would you do differently?   Thanks so much!

- Carol

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  1. great photos - I love the self-portrait

  2. Keep up the good work! I'm so impressed that, given all of your responsibilities, you have managed to persist in your photo-challenge goal. Your pictures are great. Here's something to experiment with... try working with the white balance settings on your camera. I typically use automatic WB, and sometimes the cloudy day setting. When taking pics inside, you can adjust based on the type of lighting you have. This is an area I often struggle with, so please share any discoveries you make! Apparently Nikons tend to give a yellowish hue when compared to Canons. Eventually, I'd like to learn how to make adjustments with an Expo Disk. Have you been happy with your camera?

    1. Hi Katherine,
      For my birthday last year Eric bought the Nikon 7200 for me. That was a huge step up from my D40, and I LOVE IT! I haven't ever used the automatic WB setting. I like the results on cloudy, but indoor lighting still throws me - so maybe the automatic will help! Thank you for that tip. My biggest struggle seems to be that my images are not tack sharp. I think I must have my appeture too big (so depth of field too shallow) maybe? What do you think? I do not know what Expo Disk is. Is that a post-editing tool?
      Thanks so much for your help. I really appreciate it! :-)

    2. An ExpoDisc is a WB filter you use to set a custom WB before shooting in a particular location. It looks easy to use, I just haven't tried yet. We have the same camera, only mine is the first generation. I've really enjoyed it and I have so much to learn still. As for sharp images, maybe your shutter speed is too low? It seems to me that many of your pictures are in low-light situations, so keep an eye out for your shutter speed. It's also not a bad idea to hold your breath for a moment before you snap your photo! At one point I was having a terrible time with focus (which yielded slightly blurry images). I ended up discovering that my model had issues with this, and I learned how to calibrate my two lenses to my camera. It sounds scary, and I learned a lot in the process, but it solved my problems with focus. Google to see if your model has issues with lens calibration/problems with focusing. Maybe you will need to calibrate your lens, too!

    3. I will look into both those things! Thank you so much for your advice. Your skills are excellent, and I have always admired your photographs.


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