Tuesday, April 11, 2017

365 challenge - week 14


You know, when I first heard about this "take a picture a day" challenge, I thought it would be a great way to improve my skills, and hey, it was only 1 picture a day,  right?  But, WOW, I'm just barely able to keep up because... well, life!  

The good thing about this challenge is that it keeps me thinking about the prompts - so I am looking for them throughout the day, so in the area of "seeing" things, I am sharpening that skill.

That said, I am still stumped on some previous prompts ("lyrics", "less is more" from week 13)
These are photos from this past week.

[ 92/365 - a dreaded task ]  - we've already begun cleaning out this shed to make room for something incredible, but now we must take down this whole thing and move it! 😲

[ 93/365 - paper ]

[ 94/365 - leading lines ]

[ 95/365 - joy]

[ 96/365 - triangle ]

[ 97/365 - today ]

[ 98/365 - sweet tooth ]  Coconut Bliss -coconut milk- ice cream

I think spring has finally arrived in the PNW.  Most all of the trees have little buds on them, and the weather is absolutely crazy - lots of rain, sometimes hail, sometimes thunder, and even...sunshine! Temperatures are now regularly in the 50s too.  I was looking back on some pictures from last year, and we had already had several warm days (warm enough to beachcomb in shorts.)  We aren't quite there yet, and I am praying we won't have a wet summer, but for now, I am enjoying the long-missed sunshine. 😀

I hope you are able to enjoy some sunshiney days too.

- Carol

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  1. Look at those pretty spring blooms, thanks for linking up!

  2. It's always so exciting when the first signs of spring appear! I applaud you for taking up the photo challenge--it makes a difference in how you see the world!

    1. Hi Bettyl-NZ,
      I have so much to learn still, but little by little...
      Thanks for stopping by. :-)

  3. I love that baptismal photo! Truly joyful!

    1. Yes, we were thrilled! Thanks for visiting, Elizabeth


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