Saturday, March 4, 2017

Chicken run

Hello there, 

I mentioned here about needing to build a chicken run, but trying to find time that also coordinated with agreeable weather (meaning...not pouring rain or snowing.) to build the chicken run was a little challenging, but Woot Woot!  We got it done.  Really, I should say that Eric and the boys got it done, but we're a team, right?!

Here is the chicken run for Ellie's four buff Orpington hens.

They connected it to the coop, and also made this cute little door for easy access for feeding and watering.

They buried the chicken wire pretty deep, but I think I will have Ellie and her little sisters find some 1-2 hand rocks to put around the border.

And here are the hens...not in the run.  (Actually, at first they didn't know what to do!)

You can see that the little door in the coop opens up into the run.

I'm glad they have this area to roam in (and stay safe.) They seem to like this new area too  👌

Soon... fresh eggs.

Any chicken tips?  They are always much appreciated.
- Carol

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