Monday, February 27, 2017

365 challenge - week 8

Hi Friends!

Last week was so crazy busy!  It began with church and then following that I had a meeting regarding some wedding details.  Did I mention that I am a wedding coordinator for a friend?  The gal who would ordinarily coordinate is the mother of the groom, so both families asked if I would be willing.  YIKES.  No pressure!  😱
I am happy to help.

The rest of the week held on-line classes, doctor's appointments, dentist appointments, birthday parties, a day trip to British Columbia for some other classes, and a work event for Eric.  Whew!
Oh, and then everyday life too.  😵

BUT... I did manage to catch the week in photos so here they are.

[ 50-365 - letters ]

[ 51-365 - my outfit today ] 
not really because it's too cold, but practicing my flat-lay

 [ 52-365 - a product I love ]

[ 53-365 - bokeh ]

[ 54-365 - starts with t ]

[ 55-365 - my drink of choice ]
lately, I am loving pour-overs.

[ 56-365 - sprinkle ]

This week should be much slower, a pace I prefer.

Today is my oldest son's birthday.  He is 23.  Although the distance keeps us apart today, I am thinking of him so much.  Memories of his baby days and his boyhood days with his pup keep coming to mind, but then so do the ones of him submerged in a book, or his many accented voices, and his fun humor.  I am hoping that today is full of joy and fun surprises for him.  I wish I could hug him, but thanks to technology, a text, an Instagram post, and a phone call will bring us together.

It's snowing here.  Three more weeks until the official first day of spring, but I wonder if it will feel like spring then? Sometimes we have had snow as late as mid April, so it's anybody's guess.   It really is beautiful.

Hoping your week is filled with beauty too.
- Carol

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