Sunday, March 5, 2017

365 challenge - week 9

Hi Friends, 

Hope your first week of March was a good one!  Would you believe mine started with snow?  
But today (Saturday) was clear and sunny, not warm though.  Our Saturdays are often spent doing chores on the property or extra projects (like the chicken run).  Today Eric was up on the roof hoping to find and fix a small leak we have discovered.  I have to say I was super thankful for a break in the rain that allowed Eric to do that.  We sure hope he has fixed it!
With the chores done, and the sun still shining we all headed down the road so that Eric could try some new trucks on his longboard, and Caleb could ride his drift trike.  We all like to watch and cheer them on.   It was a great way to end our week. 

And here is my week in photos. 

[ 57 - 365 - quiet ]

[ 58-365 - a low angle ]

[ 59 365 - homemade ]

[ 60-365 - around the corner ]

[ 61 - 365 - free choice ]

[ 62 - 365 leading lines ]

[ 63 - 365 - my favorite thing ]

Eric hasn't gotten as much skate time in as he would like.  The Maryhill spring ride is coming up at the end of April, and then the Catalina Classic the very next weekend.  Eric will be skating in both! PMR is not going to stop him!

Can you believe it? California, here we come!

- Carol

In case you were wondering... this is a drift trike.

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