Sunday, January 15, 2017

365 Challenge - week 2

Hello Friends,

It's Sunday and I'm posting about my second week of 365 Challenge photos.
Even though the week was a quieter one, and I was home most of the time, I found the photography challenge to be, well, a challenge.  We still have quite of a bit of ice around, which makes walking around the property a bit dicey.  I felt limited in finding subjects, but the challenge does have prompts so I do have something to work with. This week I took most of the pictures inside, which is where I need most of the practice anyway so that I can get better with limited and low light.

08/365 [ looking down ]

09/365 [ my work space ]

10/365 [ in my cup ]

11/365 [ classic ]

12/365 [ self portrait ]

13/365 [ emotion ]

This challenge is challenging in many ways. There is the obvious of finding subject matter, and also the specifics of settings and technique, but also I find that time is at a premium.  Often the best time to take a photograph in terms of daylight, is not always the best time for me to stop what I doing to shoot.
I am one photograph short.  The last photograph of this week had the prompt of [ delicate ].  I will make up for it this coming week.  😏

- Carol

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