Monday, September 26, 2016

What we did

Hi and Happy Monday! 
Hope you had an enjoyable weekend.  The colors of fall are so beautiful aren't they?  

We had fun this weekend.  While Eric and the big kids were at Maryhill for the last race there for the year, (I'll post about that soon) the Littles and I had some fun of our own.

Right after we finished our school on Friday morning we went to meet Sarah for cocoa. They were just slightly excited about that. 

While waiting for her, we grabbed Sorry to play, but lots of pieces were missing.  We tried Clue Jr.. No luck there either, BUT, we did find a tub of animals.  Yay.

Later that evening the little girls snuggled in my bed and we watched Spirit.  I didn't sleep too great, buuuut, I wasn't lonely either. ;-) 

Saturday we met up with our "adventure" friends.  She invited us over for lunch.  (She is always so gracious that way, but I also secretly think she felt sorry for us - you know hubby away always feels weird.)  Her daughter made this amazing soup (which I will definitely blog about soon!) for us to enjoy along with kid friendly stuff like sandwiches and grapes for the kids.

After some fun play time (for them) and talk time (for moms) we headed over to the Schack Art Center.   

some glass floats

 It's a small art museum with exhibits changing frequently.  They also have a glass hot shop and other rooms for workshops and classes available to the public. 
The current exhibit running is Schack-toberfest - Glass Pumpkin Patch and harvest Art.

There was also a free printmaking activity for the kids to do.

nature into art...

In the gift shop, Mary found her favorite... a glass sea turtle

I found a wave.  :-)

He was creating a pumpkin in the hot shop. 

It was a fun afternoon.  
Saturday ended with an early supper, followed by baths and getting our church stuff ready for the morning.  Tucked in bed all snug.  

A few thoughts...
Ellie has been so responsible and willing to take care of all the goat chores.  She is small in size, but has been totally able to carry the full water buckets and move the goats into their pens.  (no easy thing, when they don't want to be moved.)  

I've gotten a small taste of what my husband must feel all the time - keeping his family secure and safe. Checking that the doors are locked, and taking a mental inventory of everything before turning off the lights.  I am so thankful for him and how he protects us and makes us feel so safe. 

Church felt weird with only half of us in a row.  Everything feels weird with only half of us! 
(Except meals... they are EASY!)

~ Carol

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