Friday, September 23, 2016

Ahhh - Autumn

Autumn is here and I am happy about that. 

We had a crazy storm the other day.  Bolts of lightning followed by loud, crashing peals of thunder and POURING rain.  
I love those kind of storms (as long as everyone is home safe!)  

It's been pretty chilly in the mornings too, but with a flip of a switch our fireplace makes things nice and cozy.  

Some more of my favorite things about autumn.

pumpkins  // also pumpkin granola, pumpkin muffins, and pumpkin pie :-)  //

Crisp days with the bluest of skies.

 Falling leaves

warm drinks

beanie hats

but the one thing that I think is a little crazy is that EGGNOG is currently available at all the coffee stands.  Is it me or is it arriving earlier and earlier? 

How about you?  What's your favorite thing(s) about fall?  

~ Carol 


  1. Great Autumn post. Loved all your pics. Come over and share it at The Fabulous Fall party!
    Link this and all your posts. Happy Fall.

    1. Thank you so much, Grantham lynn - both for stopping by and for inviting me to your Fall Party. :-)

  2. Lovely. Thanks for linking. Feel free to link all your Fall posts! The party continues through October.
    Happy Fall.

  3. loved it. Thanks for linking at The Fabulous Fall Party.
    Come over and link all your Fall posts. The party goes until Oct. 30.
    The linky changes on Wed. afternoon.
    Happy Fall.

  4. I LOVE THESE PICTURES!!!!!!!!!!!! XD

  5. All that fall stuff looks so wonderful! Your picture of the leaf on the ground reminded me of the "smell" of autumn, and it makes me miss it! (Our temps today finally dipped down... it had passed 100 degrees earlier this week!) I was excited to read about Ellie's plans for chickens! They were such cute pets for our kids when we had them; the eggs were just a healthy and delicious bonus!

    1. I remember those crazy October days that could be so hot, and always wishing I could wear my new "school clothes" which were corduroys and sweaters. (100 is crazy hot!)
      We drove to a local farm just this weekend and she bought 4 buff orpington chicks. She is SMITTEN! I'll post about it soon so you can see. :-)

  6. Heck, Christmas displays have already been spotted - we keep moving the holiday up to the point where you're almost sick of them before they arrive!
    Thanks for linking up at

  7. I read this just as I was thinking about a latte, now I'm going to have to have one.


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