Wednesday, September 28, 2016

What he did

Maryhill Loops... with just the big kids.

This event was a free ride meaning it's not a competition.  It's just an event to hone your form and skill, create personal bests, and ride like the wind!

Hannah took my camera and Matt took his.  

Somewhere between 30 - 40 mph.

He feels so alive when he does this.  Happy to push his body to do what is necessary, and happy to be out in God's amazing creation.  
The little girls and I thought about him all weekend and prayed for his safety.  

God is faithful to protect him and to give him a quick mind to assess situations.

He told me this story: 

"Another guy had a three-six-downhill board and we decided to race each other.  At the starting line, we took off together.  He took the lead and I was trailing him.  Rounding a corner we came up on three gravity trikes.  The other racer passed the bikes on the right in the straight away.  But by the time I got to them, they had reached the corner and were drifting (because that's what they have to do to make the corners).  
I had to pick my line and time it just right so that I could shoot right through the middle to avoid them while they were in their drift.  Then I had to maneuver around the third trike who was doing a 360 while exiting the corner.  I seriously had a split second to decide which side to pass him on.  I chose the left side as he was spinning and carved around him in time to avoid a major collision or spill (and really bad injuries.) 
When we made it to the bottom of the hill, the gravity trike riders rushed to me and said, 
'DUDE, that was incredible!  You really know how to skate!'
That was a rush."

. . .

The pictures below are not of the story, but you'll get the gist.

After watching these all afternoon, Caleb gave it a try. 

 And now he's hooked. 

When they returned home, it was late (like 12:30 am late) and they were super tired (understandable), and all they said to me when they walked through the door was, "It was such an amazing weekend.  Goodnight." 

 photo credit

~ Carol


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    1. Hannah,
      Right? ;-) Thanks for being my stand-in.

  2. Wish my bride had come to this. Next time for sure and maybe many of her followers would like to come out and support me on the track


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