Wednesday, July 6, 2016

Summer so far

It's been about a month since we finished with our school year.  I've contemplated homeschooling year round, taking breaks as needed, but there is just something about the summer months. I look forward to much slower days and a serendipitous schedule. The Little Ones like having activities to look forward to and that anchor their days a bit.  

Our summer days so far have been anything but slow.   Summer kicked off with Ellie's birthday.  The following week we headed to Goldendale for the Maryhill Loops event.  The week after that we began swimming lessons for all the kids. (yep, even the older ones.)
The lessons are just two days a week in the evening, but it makes things a little crazy.

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Our niece from Connecticut is currently visiting for a couple of weeks. 

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We all went blueberry picking. We ended up with about 30 lbs. :-)   We eat them like candy, so we may have to go again.

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The power of prayer is never to be underestimated! I have been praying for several months for a FREE car.  I know that sounds almost ridiculous and unbelievable, but I put it to prayer anyway.  The prayer was not for us, but for Caleb, whose car was becoming less and less reliable. 
Guess what?  We were given a FREE car!  God answered my prayer just how I hoped.
God always answers my prayers, it's just that sometimes my request, isn't His will, so the answer isn't always the expected or hoped for outcome.  God remains good and faithful through it all.
There are only a couple of things that need to be fixed on this Honda Civic.  In his spare time, Eric has been repairing them so that we can drive it down and pass it off to Caleb.
The peace from knowing he will not get stuck on the road half way between Seattle and Portland - is the real answered prayer, honestly!  God's tender mercies leave me speechless.

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Then there was Independence Day holiday.  We had plans to join the celebration at church, but rain delayed the start time, which logistically made us decide to stay home and have a small party here instead. My nephew and his friend, and a friend of Hannah's had all planned to meet us at church anyway - so they just came here.
The 2nd cousins got to meet.  :-)

Hannah had made these cupcakes for the cake walk, but instead we used them as prizes for the game Ellie made. 

Tape the tail on the cow!  

The older kids are good sports and made us all laugh.  
Regular games were played too like Uno (which is perfect because even Mary can play) and Sorry - the Classics.  In spite of the rain, we made our own fun - eating - laughing - coffee drinking - playing.  Once it was dark, Eric set off a few fireworks in the back as well.  They were fabulous!  

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Yesterday we went into Seattle to visit the EMP Museum.  I'll save that for a separate post. 

I hope your summer days are filled with joyful things.


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