Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Maryhill Loops - part one

I thought I'd try to post about our recent adventure to Maryhill while working on our mountainous pile of laundry as a result of said adventure.  :-)
Coincidentally, today is National Go Skateboarding Day.  Really, it is!

So - first a little background: 
Last year after racing at Mt. Tabor, Eric saw a video of downhill racers on Maryhill Loops.   
It was a path that would test his abilities - physical and mental.
He would need leathers and a lighter full face helmet...and no fear.
He so wanted to skate it, but I know he wondered if he'd be able to skate such a challenging course.  I also knew that that question couldn't go unanswered.
He's that kind of guy.
He worked with a friend on a design for some leathers which arrived in April.

Every year there is an international downhill race at Maryhill Loops in Goldendale, WA.
This year the event planners hosted a four day skills camp that took place several days before.

We made plans.
We packed up.

It was about a five hour drive.  We were blessed to find an Airbnb.  I'm more the "glamping" sort of gal - so hot showers, comfy beds, and a place to prepare our simple meals was such a blessing. 

Hannah and I wanted to explore a little.  We took Abbie and Mary with us. 

This is a typical photo shoot when Mary is along.

 We walked a bit further...

and found some treasures...

Since the skills camp didn't start until later that afternoon we headed out as a family to explore. 
We went to the Schreiner's Farm.

Oregon is across the Columbia River

We were wondering about this little it part of Washington on the left or Oregon on the right? 

We also visited Stonehenge.

 And then we checked out the Loops.

skills camp meeting

The instructor took them up the track a bit.  The first skill he taught - the safest way to fall.  (Oh great! That's comforting.) 

With possible top speeds of up to 50 mph, it's good to know how to slow down.  One way of slowing down is air braking...putting your arms out to the side.

The guy in the blue helmet is the instructor.

U-Hauls are used to bring the riders from the bottom to the top.

 It's late, too late so I'll end here, but there's more to come soon.

- Carol

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  1. Love! Love! Love! Silverlongboarder should be called superman instead because he is one!


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