Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Maryhill Loops - part two

I really enjoyed taking pictures of Eric.  He loves to skate, and I love to photograph him.  :-)  
These pictures are at different parts of the track, but with a telephoto lens, alI 2+ miles of twists and turns look alike.   :- /

that smile says it all!

They didn't tell the skaters that they were going to put cones on the track.  It was supposed to mimic a downed skater, and provide practice for maneuvering around them at high speeds. 

Since Eric longboards around unpredictable pedestrians everyday,  the cones were not an issue for him. 

I think they called this "spaghetti corner". It had a long drop off the edge! EEEK!

Why did the skater skate through the hay bales? 

Because he could!  :-)


As I watched them, I couldn't help but think it was just like going to Disneyland.  The minute you get off your favorite fast ride, you're so excited that you just want to go on it all over again.  
I think that is exactly what's it's like for all of them.  They start out with doubt and fear, but then they conquer their mountain (literally and figuratively) and it's pure exhilaration.

I got to witness this very transformation with Eric.  
Doubt --- >
Fear --->
Second guessing --->
Shock --->
Awe --->
Confidence --->
Accomplishment --->
It was beautiful.  
Seriously.  I am just so proud of him. 

He is my hero and my inspiration to not let fear cripple me.  To not make excuses which hold me back from living fully, this gift of life that God has given us.  
To not hold on too tightly to him with worry and what if's.  
Worrying adds nothing but stress.  Faith, that's where I find strength.  
My strength comes from God to whom I can completely surrender my life
 knowing that He holds it in his hand.  My breath isn't even mine to own.
 He knows my path.  He knows what lies ahead.  He knows.

<<  ~  >> 

I think it's safe to say that @silverlongboarder inspires all of us! 

 # bestdadever!

We decided to make another sign too.  
If you are on Instagram, you've probably seen the many signs that have a theme of 
"__________________is where the light shines through" 
It is inspired by Switchfoot's new album and title song.
We decided that "2nd chances are where the light shines through"

Eric has been in two pretty serious car crashes.  One in 2003 when he was hit head-on by a drunk driver, and then again in 2014 when he was longboarding at work.  We are beyond grateful that God spared his life and enabled him to do what he loves in spite of injuries.

 He came. He saw. He conquered.  With God all things are possible. 

~ Carol

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  1. *tears of joy* I love him ans yes he inspires! I know I am and I'm proud to brag about him to everyone I know!


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