Sunday, April 3, 2016


Hey Hey Hey!
Eric received his custom leathers in the mail that he'll be using for his downhill skate races. After much research he went with a maker in Pakistan. (Xavia International)  
Shabbir Ahmed was the tailor.
Eric was a little nervous having something custom made without being able to meet him locally, and be measured by him personally, but he was so great to work with.  
We sent him Eric's measurements, and he sent Eric photos of the suit at each of the stages. Shipping was super speedy too, even with having to go through customs. (seriously, one day they were in Italy and the next day at our door step!)

they fit perfectly!

I am happy that he will be well protected! 

A sunny Sunday afternoon was the perfect time to test them out.

Eric worked with an artist for the lettering.  Since the skate world can be a little harsh and edgy, he wanted a way to start conversations about Christ so he chose to put a Bible reference verse down the side of his leg.  

He's looking for a new helmet now.  This one is just too heavy. 

So, in this case...blurry pictures mean he is fast.  :-)
Silver streak?  ... yeah, maybe not.  Ha.

Stay tuned for more Silverlongboarder adventures to come this summer. 

- Carol

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