Sunday, May 8, 2016

Mother's Day (2016) Memories

When the kids and I went on our spontaneous beach adventure, the only thing that was missing from that near-perfect day was Eric.  So when my people asked me what I wanted to do for Mother's Day,  it was a simple decision.
A beach adventure that included Dad.

A time to soak in the glorious sunshine, hear the kids laugh and play, and maybe find some beach glass.   

And when there's a ferry ride, it always bumps the excitement up a notch. 

A woman brought a wagon onto the ferry filled with container pots of these beautiful old English roses that she bought at the Antique Rose Farm.  They were so fragrant.  (Apparently there are only two rose growers of antique old English roses - one in Oregon, and this one in Snohomish.
Good to know.) 

Once on the other side of the Sound, this was our first stop.  Aviator Coffee makes exceptional coffees!  

I mentioned to Eric how I'd love to find a piece of blue sea glass.  He looked and looked.

Dan found this beach treasure.  

Look...some beach glass treasures...and a pale blue one!  Eric found one!

This is just a small stretch of beach, but it's a fun spot. 

My kids have a funny sense of humor.  (think National Treasure 2)

This is Ellie's "buried crab monster" (except it's only claws) 

a balance beam...

follow the leader...

walk the plank...

 or downhill practice...

after a few hours, Eric noticed that the waves, though still small, were coming in stronger - the tide was coming in - so we packed up and walked over to get some ice cream in town.

 I saw this beauty on our way.  Beach roses are the best. 

There were a couple of ice cream places to choose from - one shop that sold sorbet AND gluten free cones.  WIN!

 I got mango sorbet, Hannah got raspberry.  They were so good!

The kiddos got their ice cream from the one down the street. 

and Eric chose coffee...of course.  :-)

We had a little time before the next homeward bound ferry so we walked along the marina.

This sight brought back memories. (For those of you who don't know, Eric captained a boat just like this one when we lived in California.)

A selfie -with super cute photo bombers.

It was really windy on deck.  REALLY windy! (like 18 knots windy!)

They gave me the perfect Mother's Day gift... time spent with them making new memories.
I am blessed beyond measure to be their mom.


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  1. Looks like so much fun! I'm glad it was such a gorgeous day for you guys too!


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