Sunday, April 10, 2016

Adventuring in the Puget Sound

I'm a California girl through and through.  Growing up I spent so many sunny days bike riding, swimming, or hitting the beach.  I love sunshine!  But all those years I kind of took it for granted because it was always there (mostly). 

But here in the PNW, especially after a winter full of cold, gray, rainy days, when the sun shows itself, we recklessly abandon our responsibilities and go adventuring!  Well, maybe not all the time, but we sure did the other day.

We threw together a backpack filled with snacks, Abbie's kite, some bags for collecting, and my camera and set out...
"We have our heading, here we gooooo!"  

We decided to explore a little beach across the sound and look for treasures from the sea. 
The fun began with a ferry ride.  

The sea...
It's just so beautiful and sparkles like diamonds.

Once we arrived on the other side, we headed towards the beach just a short walk away.

From there, we could see the Seattle skyline with magnificent Mt. Rainier.

 My adventure crew

shells and beach glass

We even got squirted by clams.

Most beaches in Washington are rocky, but this one was sandy with lots of driftwood.

Abbie has wanted to fly her kite for a while, but hasn't been able to either because of too many trees or not enough breeze. We packed it along hoping there would be a good spot to fly it.  Dan put it together and got it up in the air in no time.  He was a most helpful big brother.

Catching some rays

Mary's treasure.

The view from the ferry as we headed back towards home.

my treasures from the sea

It was so much fun to be spontaneous, to spend time with the kids free from distraction, to watch them explore and investigate, to hear about all that excited them.

We all decided that this adventuring business needs to happen quite regularly!

#adventureday 😍😁


  1. You should kidnap me on one of your adventures! ;)

    1. I'll keep that in mind. Remember all the adventures we did when you were younger? Fun times!


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