Thursday, April 7, 2016

Grove Collaborative - a fabulous find

You might remember from my post here that I've been looking into using healthier cleaners. 
My plan is that as I slowly use up my harsh ones, I will try new ones.  

Maybe I should have one all purpose cleaner for every cleaning job, but I don't.  Instead I have several different ones that are more specific to the task.  
I used to use Soft Scrub for my bathroom tub/shower surround, but after a while the surround was dull.  I actually thought I had ruined the finish somehow.  I switched to Scrubbing Bubbles, which works wonderfully, (turns out the dull finish was layers of soap scum. YUK!)  but boy-oh-boy the fumes are strong.  That's sort of what started me on the idea of switching products because I tend to be sensitive to chemicals and inhaling that (my bathrooms don't have windows) just can't be good.

I was reading here about Grove Collaborative.  They basically have all the healthy brands, priced just about the same as you would find at a brick and mortar store, and they mail them to your front door on a schedule of your choice.  

Bathroom cleaners were first on my list to change out and the fact that they were offering a FREE Mrs. Meyer's cleaning kit made the timing perfect. 
My order arrived so fast!

Isn't that glass spray bottle pretty?  I plan to make up some linen spray using essential oils and witch hazel.  I'm hoping it will replace the need for Febreze.  (Not that we use that product all that often, but sometimes it's needed for things like sleeping bags that have been stored for a while.)

So basically, Grove Collaborative does the work of finding amazing, affordable, and effective natural products - not just cleaning, but personal care products too.

Have you ever tried them?  
If you're new to Grove Collaborative you can get $10 off your first order.

We've had some delightful weather these last few days and that makes me want to open the windows and let the fresh air in, and that usually makes me want to clean.

Don't you love walking into your house when it feels fresh and smells clean? 
It's tops on my list of favorite things.  



  1. So glad you're enjoying Grove, too! I love that Method toilet and bathroom cleaner. ♥ Thanks for linking to me! :)

    1. Joy,
      I'm so glad you posted about GC! - And the linen spray recipe too :-)
      Hope you are doing well. I still pray for you during this time of adjusting. <3


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