Wednesday, January 6, 2016

The fort and art stuffs

Last Saturday we had plans to visit Fort Casey and meet up with friends.  The first family adventure of the new year!
But...the day before Abbie complained of a sore throat and body aches, then in the middle of the night Mary had a croup episode.  Ok, we figured, we'd go with Plan B:  a quiet day at home.


Next morning, they asked if we were going to the Fort.  Claiming to feel much better (and looking like it too), we decided a day outside in the fresh, crisp air would do us all some good.  We packed snacks, blankets, jackets, beanies, gloves, and skate gear (just in case).

2016: Adventure #1 
A ferry ride to Whidbey Island, and a day at Fort Casey State Park, and fun with friends. 
I wanted to try out some new camera gear and work on my manual settings.
The kids just wanted to explore the fort.  The olders ones played Cops and Robbers with all the friends that showed up. There are A LOT of hiding places!  We kept the little girls with us as there are a lot of steep drop offs, and because it was so cold, the surfaces were very icy.

The older kids thought it was awe-inspiring especially thinking about its history.
I thought it was an amazing place to see curves and angles, and pattern and color in an abstract way.  

Here are some pictures for your viewing enjoyment.
(Read - these are for you, Dad :-)  )

the expansive fort by the sea

curves and edges

all alOne

icy messages that warm a heart

look out

cute stuff

ghost-like Mt. Rainier

more cuteness

rugged PNW coast

yin and yang (with water and land) sort of.

be still my beating heart

the ferry from my phone.

The line for the ferry home was crazy long - in fact, we left the fort in the late afternoon in order to catch the 4:30 ferry, but didn't make it on until 6:00 pm.  By then it was dark, but the ferry just looks magical reflecting off the Sound.  (though this shot isn't magical, you get the idea.)

It was a very fun day.  Even though it was pretty chilly (30s), the wind never picked up and sun shone brightly.  :-)  I am glad we went with Plan A for the day. 

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