Friday, January 1, 2016

Leading up to Christmas

The days leading up to Christmas were busy ones. 

The three little girls sang in our church's children's Christmas choir,
once on the Sunday before Christmas, and then again for the Christmas Eve Service.

 I didn't realize that Mary still had her kitty with her when she went up to sing.  That Mary.

We had busy kitchen days too.  
Hannah and I spent one day in the kitchen making varenyky.  

We had fun together, listening to music, and just chatting about deep and not so deep topics. I love those times.  Times when you really feel like connections were made, and the relationship goes another layer deeper.  

Ellie had been praying for snow.  
Just a few days before Christmas, the day some of our family was due to arrive from out of town, her prayers were answered. 

 not a lot, just a dusting, but enough to make her smile.

Enough to play in. 

More singing. (Christmas Eve)

After singing, Mary promptly fell asleep on Daddy's lap.  I think all the excitement finally caught up with her. 

That's kind of how I felt.  
The days leading up were a little crazy.  planning. shopping. wrapping. cooking. baking. 
dog-sitting. cleaning, Christmas parties to attend,...and the ordinary life things too.  
Fun, but exhausting, but FUN! 

And late that night, Caleb would be coming home   :-)


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