Friday, January 1, 2016

Christmas and following

I think this is the only photo we have of the group, and not even everyone is in it.  
But, I am thankful my brother thought to snap this one of us gathered around the table for Christmas morning breakfast.  (Giant cinnamon rolls and sausages - so good!)

Sarah arrived shortly after breakfast and we all exchanged gifts.   

Photo credit:  my brother.  
When the children were little, I would always write down the gifts they received and who they were from so that they could write thank you notes.  They've come to rely on that - even still. 
So while Eric handed out gifts, and each person opened theirs, I took notes, and my brother took photos.  We made a great team.

For Christmas supper we had baked ham, varenyky, sweet potato casserole, and sauteed green beans with shallots.  It was delish.
Birthday cake for dessert.  Happy Birthday, Jesus.  

My brother graciously offered to take everyone out for breakfast the next day.  
(Except Caleb went snowboarding with a buddy, Matt had to work, and Sarah had other holiday plans - so it was mostly everybody.)
We opted for a diner not far from here.  
We don't often eat out so when we do, it's always a treat.  

Along with food, board games are a great way to have fun together.   The kids played a lot of games. It was good cousin time.

After church on Sunday, some friends wanted to see Caleb before he headed back to Portland.

So they came over and played games too.

Settlers of Catan
Spot It

There was a lot of laughter and fun conversation.
While the hours passed and daylight faded, the snowflakes piled up outside!  

Though the kids were sad that Caleb had to leave, they were excited to play in the snow again. This batch looked a little more promising. 

Next morning, first thing...

While the younger ones played in the snow, Grampa and Hannah had some good talk time.
He added to her Wreck It Journal.   :-)

Before we knew it, the week was up and it was time to say Good-Bye.  I've decided I really don't like Good-Bye's.    



  1. I had so much fun! and being of course being a nuisance with my bro was fun ;) love you all! Merry Christmas & Happy new year!

    1. We were all so glad you could be here with us! And yes, your banter with your brother is amusing. ;-)

  2. Beautiful-Beautiful wish I was there!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!<3 X O

  3. Hey! We gotta banter since we are siblings! ;)


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