Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Ellie's new accessory

They say that hind-sight is 20:20, and that is so true.

A friend of mine noticed that Ellie was struggling a bit with reading.  This I knew, but have always just reasoned that it was simply her own learning speed.  I never attributed it to issues with her vision because A.) she never complained of blurriness or other troubles, and B.) she doesn't struggle with math...so logically it couldn't be vision, right? 
But at the encouragement of this friend, I made an appointment.

Shows how much I know.  
Ellie now sports new reading glasses and has a begun a series of vision therapy sessions. Turns out her eyes don't play well together.  

So - we have a standing date for the next few months, she and I.  The doctor said she is working very hard to compensate for her eyes.  Poor thing.  She never complained once, but I suppose she just thought that was the way everyone sees things. I am praying that once we have this corrected for her that reading will be a breeze.  (The reason math isn't an issue is because reading columns is easier for her eyes than rows.)

This may be the very cause of all her struggles with car sickness as well.  

. . . . . 

I hope to blog more soon.  I've been having technical difficulties.  :-(

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  1. Awww! She's so cute! Tell her not to feel bad about her sight. I never complained either thinking it was normal too till we got me glasses at what 16 or 17? I bet the words just pop right out of the pages now! :)


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