Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Pierogies on parade and Happy Thanksgiving!

Varenyky is a traditional Ukrainian dish.  You may know them as pierogi. 
Eric grew up making these with his mom, his grandma, and his great grandma.
Can't you just picture the kitchen scene: 
Steamy windows from the big pots of boiling water on the stove top.  Thick Russian accents and laughter, and a little boy standing on a chair so he could reach the heavily floured counter.  The Grammy's showing him just how to stuff these little dumplings, and crimp them just right so they don't break open when boiled.

Simple ingredients - flour, salt, eggs, butter (LOTS of butter), water, and mashed potatoes.

 So it goes like this...

Did I mention that there is a ton of butter in these?  

It was Eric's childhood tradition and so it is ours too.
We make enough to share with friends (that we share Thanksgiving Day with) and enough for the next day for us.  
Since it's a holiday...we just enjoy all the gluten-laden, dairy-laden, egg-laden deliciousness and deal with a possible tummy ache, because they are so good!  

Warm wishes for a Thanksgiving filled with sweet fellowship and moments to really count each and every blessing.

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