Sunday, November 22, 2015

A thankful tree

A favorite tradition we have for the holidays is to make varenyky.  
It's amazing, and fattening, and, quite frankly, a labor of love, which is why we ONLY have them for holidays.  I'll be sure to post about our varenyky making day!

But before all the busyness of this week begins, I wanted to take time to focus. 
Saturday, while Eric was at a skate race with the older children, I had some time to spend with the little girls.  Concentrated and intentional time.
I wanted to make a thankful tree.  I first saw the idea here and then again here.

Ellie went out on the property and found the perfect branches.

We just used a half gallon canning jar as a vase.  
I had a few sheets of scrapbooking paper in my stash.  I traced around a leaf cookie cutter, and then cut out the leaves and hole-punched them.

The kids wrote on the leaves some things that they are thankful for. 

and tied the leaves to the branches. 

Our thankful tree.  
Focusing our hearts on our many, many blessings! 

I think this will be added to our Thanksgiving traditions.
I am thankful for that time with them.  Connecting time.  I needed that, and they needed it too.  Relationships need connections.
I was recently asked by a new mom if I wished I had done any thing differently when my children were babies. Sadly, I do have regrets.  I wish I had relaxed more about schedules and home chores, and just loved on them more.  With each one, I did a little better, but it's still the challenge I face every day.  How to manage my responsibilities balanced with my relationships.  How to keep relationships my priority.  
This time I had with the girls was precious to me!  

Hoping your Thanksgiving is full of tender, sweet family times.

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