Thursday, December 10, 2015

Late November - early December

A few weeks ago we woke up to a little bit of snow.  A teasing, really.  

The younger children have now been earnestly praying for snow.  It's been about seven years since our last significant snow fall.  A wintery-white Christmas feels so Currier and Ives or like you've stepped into  a Dickens' landscape.  
My favorite part about a fresh blanket of snow is how quiet and hushed it is. It's so peaceful...until the squeals of glee can be heard from the children outside.  :-)
 . . . . . 

Dan has been my new shopping day side kick.

He growing exponentially.  He is taller and stronger than me, which comes in quite handy when shopping. ;-)  Car time provides lots of talk time.  I am really enjoying this one on one time with him - getting to know him deeply and to see his heart.  
. . . . . 

Eric and I had a lunch date.

We took a little time at the start of the busy Thanksgiving week.  It was kind of a working date as it gave us much needed time to talk about plans, and schedules, and Christmas ideas for the children.  
But working date or not,  "His and Hers" burgers and time with him all to myself is always fun.
 . . . . . 

Our family spent Thanksgiving Day with special friends.  

Theirs is the kind of friendship where despite the time that passes, it's always comfortable, and they can pick up where they left off.  There is never competition here.  Differences are admired not judged.   Everyone needs a friendship like that.
We were especially happy to see this young man, who is currently serving in the Navy and just completed a tour in the Middle East.

Work schedules and social calendars of our older children sometimes don't mesh with ours, but this time it did.  We were so happy that Sarah could be with us this Thanksgiving.

 . . . . . 

For the last few years I've been crazy enough to go Black Friday shopping with the older kids.  Baby, it's COLD outside!  It was 26 degrees at 4:30 a.m.  

A few other crazies joined us this time.  

I appreciate the honesty of our friendship. While shopping, she found this sign and liked the saying.  Being a light aqua blue, she turned to me and asked if I would hang that in my home, or was it just a nice sentiment for the moment.  
In the end, we both thought our solution of a selfie together with the sign was best. Honesty is refreshing, and no hurt feelings. 
. . . . . 

We broke from our tradition this year.  Rather than hunting for the perfect tree from the woods nearby, we bought one.  

Our church property has a section where Noble firs are growing, but there are plans for expanding the parking lot.  It was a win:win plan.  Cut the trees and sell them for just $20 at the same time clearing away the space.  Also, it was super convenient.  We were already there, and it was a crisp, sunny, dry day.  The next opportunity we would have on the calendar to go for a tree was forecast to be quite rainy.
It's not very fun to traipse around in a down pour to get a tree, just sayin'.
This one fits perfectly!

This is Caleb's favorite Christmas ornament.

When I unwrapped it, unexpected, hot tears streamed down my cheeks.  I miss my boy.
Joy and pain all mixed up in one moment.  Much like labor and child birth.  It's the happiest knowing the moment of holding a new baby is coming, and yet the pain is so great with each contraction.
I am so happy that he is on his own, pursuing his dreams of college and career, making his mark on the world, but there are times when it stings.  Each one in the family adds their unique flair, humor, wit, and wisdom.  I miss his.  I miss him.  
. . . . . 

Just for fun... Hannah picked out this outfit for me to wear to a Christmas party.  

Can I just tell you how much fun it is having a daughter with a flair for fashion, and a willingness to share her cute bull dog sweater?   It's a fine line I dance with fashion.  Is it too "young"?  Is it frumpy or dowdy?  Hannah emphatically claims that one's style is one's style no matter her age.  I'm gonna go with that.

Hoping your December days are merry and bright. 

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