Sunday, November 8, 2015

Life Lately

Did you know, there are tons and tons of preparations that go into a "quick little trip to Cali"?  Ha!  At the same time I was cooking up a storm for the men-folk for their hunting trip, and arranging details for the little girls and the farm.  

On the heels of our return we did some major rearranging of the boys' bedroom.
Well, not just rearranging, we completely emptied it.  C.O.M.P.L.E.T.E.L.Y 
Did you also know that three boys living in a bedroom together for over ten years means a whole lotta stuff?!

After patching all the holes, Eric went through four gallons of Kilz as a primer and then three gallons of paint.  Since the room was completely empty he used the paint sprayer - it was so much easier because he painted the ceiling too.

Yep, there is all the stuff.

When Eric was done, Matt sponge painted one wall red.  With Caleb gone he thought it was a good time for some change.  It looks really nice.  Dan is happy too; red is his favorite color.

I failed as a photographer. I don't have an "after" shot.

If that wasn't enough craziness, here is another thing that has made life feel extra busy lately.
A trip to Ikea. 

Did you know that I love Ikea. 
Did you also know that Ikea is NOT close by!  You probably could have guessed that.  Could you imagine, my little town having an Ikea.  Yeah, that's not gonna happen.  That's OK, it just meant a fun date with my husband.

Ektorp slipcovered chairs and love seat have transformed our living room, don't you think?
Still looking for an area rug that will pull it all together and cozy it up a bit.  

See that ship's wheel by the fireplace?  It's been sitting there since my dad brought it on his visit last summer.  But, we are finally going to put it where we want it.  It along with some other things will be going...

here.   In the stairway.  

And the pictures will go on the turquoise wall.  Not quite sure of the arrangement yet.  

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  1. Amazon has some amazing deals for area rugs! And you are able to get aqua blue ;)


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