Wednesday, November 11, 2015

11 little things I love today

1.  This soap.  
 It smells divine.  I'm obsessed.

2.  Heated car seats
   It's been barely 50 degrees and downright ch-ch-chilly.

3.  Left-over turkey.  
Even though we've yet to celebrate Thanksgiving. Even though we don't have left-over turkey yet... we will, and my mouth is watering just thinking about it!

4.  This little hedgehog kitchen timer
He makes me smile while I work.  

5.  Eric
My rain-or-shine longboarder, my project partner in crime, 
the father of my children, my best friend.
You make my heart sing. 

6.  The Weepies.
I really like their Indy sound.

7.  Date night. (last night)
See #5.  :-)

8.  Pie.
would you believe - gluten free, dairy free, egg free amazingness?  
Thank you, Hannah

9.  Prayer time with a friend.
She and I both have sons away pursuing college and career.  
What a balm to my soul to lift up burdens and petitions before the throne of Grace.

10.  A good read
really good.

11. sleeping babes
so sweet!

~   ...   11 things on 11/11 that make me happy   ...   ~


  1. Hehehe.....Sorry about the missing slice. ;)

  2. What is that pie?! I want some! Also that soap.... I used to love it and then I bought all the Mrs. Meyers things of that smell and then couldn't stand the smell anymore! Haha. So now I am making my own OnGuard foaming soap out of 1 tbsp Castile and 7 drops OnGuard plus water in a foaming soap pump. Smells like Christmas to me! I'm excited for chilly cozy fall nights with candles lit and the fireplace on!

  3. What a wonderful blog Carol. I'd love the recipe for that pie. please??????????


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