Tuesday, September 22, 2015

A Consumer Report

Since our ten years of living in this home - we have replaced the dishwasher, the range, the refrigerator, the vacuum (twice) the washer and dryer, and now yet another dishwasher!

Our third (yes, THIRD) dishwasher will arrive in the next week.  

What is it with us and appliances?  We try to do careful research and make wise choices to get the most for our money. 

Could it be that we are careless?  Are we just too rough?  Are we not good stewards?  Do we not use them according to their specifications and design?

Ahh, maybe that is it!  
We do use them according to their specification, but NOT according to their design because I've concluded that they are not designed for a large family.  They are not designed for the family who is home, not just at night, but all day as well.  They are not designed for constant use.   

Boy do they get constant use!  I shudder to think what our home would look like if we didn't vacuum under the table after every meal or tackle a couple of loads of laundry each day.  And then there is the occasional (ha) teen who peers into the fridge seeking for something amazing to snack on.  

I've concluded that my appliances need to be work horses.  I've always thought of my appliances as my "hand-maidens".  They are my much-needed assistants.  But I think "hand-maiden" is far too fair a description for what I need.  I need a War Horse!   Seriously!

Photo credit:  War Horse - Dreamworks/Touchstone

If you read any reviews on dishwashers (and I just read a ton of them!) the common thread is that people needed to replace their much-loved, but tired old appliance of twenty years faithful service, but in so doing they unwittingly and regretfully gave up quality and workmanship that just can't be found today.  

Appliances shouldn't be a disposable commodity.   It should not make better financial sense to replace the whole unit instead of repair the malfunctioning part.

Is it really too much to ask of manufacturers to make a quality appliance?  You know commercial grade with a consumer price point!  And from the reviews, I know that I am not the only one who wishes this could be true.  

And that, my friend, is this consumer's report.



  1. I think you are spot on; you use your appliances more, thus shortening their life. :-(
    But, I have also been told by numerous repairmen that they "don't make them like they used to" and that average lifespan of appliances is now less than 5 years.
    For example, I had my first washer/dryer set for 16 years. Then, in the 12 years that followed, we bought THREE sets. They break, and then aren't worth the cost of repairing. And with my laundry room in clear view from my kitchen, when the washer breaks, I need a whole new matching SET... ugh!
    Same with dishwashers. We have decided that we will only spend $350-400 on a dishwasher since they seem to break every 3 years no matter what price paid (we tried "investing" in a better model, made no difference).
    Then there is the "warranty" decision. It's my theory that if you have a warranty, it won't break. But if you don't, it will :-) Ahh... Murphy's law!
    But, praise God for our appliances that help us in the home and free us up to invest in our children more, instead of spending endless hours hand washing clothes or dishes!! :-)

  2. We went back and forth last night on whether or not to buy an extended warranty. We ended up
    buying a 3 year. I even said to Eric, in the car, "Well, since we bought the warranty we are sure to have no trouble... for 3 years... with this one."
    We've done the dishes the old fashioned way for several weeks now, and I'll be glad to be able to have the kids just load them up and push start. :-)

  3. Our dishwasher broke in July, we bought a used one off of Craig's List that HA! doesn't work. I have been hand washing dishes for 3 months! Our family of 6 goes through a lot of dishes!

    1. We've been doing them the old fashioned way as well. On the up side...there isn't ever any baked on (by the heat cycle) cheese left on anything! :-)
      Nice to hear from you, Bekah.


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