Friday, April 8, 2011

Another new addition

Our old (not really old - only 6 years old) range died! It was so frustrating to think that dinner was baking in the oven when in reality the oven temperature was only at 200 or off all together. Some friends of ours told us about an appliance recycling center in a town nearby. I was sceptical not wanting someone else's troubles. We decided to give it a try since this place sells new and reconditioned appliances. Well, we found this brand new baby there! This Electrolux is AMAZING! It has 2 ovens, both bake conventionally and convectionally. There are options for "perfect turkey", "slow cooking", "bread proofing", 3 favorite settings and more that I haven't even used yet. It has 5 burners on the cooktop too. I am so blessed. This is a $2800 oven that we got for a fraction of that!! God was so good to supply this wonderful appliance and we got to bring it home the day we found it - no waiting for a delivery!

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