Monday, January 2, 2012


I love our new Electrolux refrigerator freezer!  Our white Maytag that was only seven years old died the week before Christmas.  (Nice timing, eh?) This new one was another awesome deal from Appliance Recycling Center in Snohomish.  I love the French doors and the freezer on the bottom.  Now three out of the four appliances in the kitchen are stainless steel.  All that is left to replace is the microwave (but it is still working).  Sometimes I wonder if I wouldn't rather just have a good looking hood instead of a microwave, but I do use it to defrost meat, soften butter, and heat up my lavender/flax wraps.  When some friends of ours remodeled their kitchen, they put their microwave inside a cabinet instead of over the oven.  Hmm, that's an idea!  We'll have to think about that when the time comes.  In the meantime, I'm enjoying our new addition.


  1. Dear Carol, your refrigerator looks so beautiful! And it would be so wonderful to have it filled with goat cheese! Happy New Year to the whole family, Blessings upon you, Kimberlee

  2. Ahh, so nice to have a new fridge! Our Whirlpool died after only 5 years and I got one like yours. I LOVE LOVE LOVE the fridge part. But I am glad I have an upright fridge/freezer outside because the drawer freezer style is not my preference. I keep all my meat and frozen meals in the outside freezer, and breads, nuts and grains, frozen veggies and fruits inside for easy access. Enjoy!!


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