Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Summer fun kick off

Last week Eric's company threw a pirate themed summer kick-off party for his team and their families.  
The night before it rained.  It rained all night long, but the forecast was for clearing skies, so we took the chance, believed the weather man, and ventured out to meet Eric.

There was all sorts of  Pirate themed bootie for them to enjoy.

And fun blow-up slides.

Last year Mary was petrified to go down these.  She went up ok, but once at the top, she didn't want to go down.  Ellie had to give her a "nudge" because she was holding up the whole line. 

This year. . .  there was no stopping her. 

There were hula hoops {and a contest too, but we missed the timing on that.}

Yep, Mom's still got it. ;-)
"Angry Birds"

My guy and blue sky!
Something for the bigger kids

And there was food.  Lots of food.  They served hamburgers, hot dogs, chicken skewers, veggies skewers, corn on the cob, plantain chips with dipping sauces, ice cream, snow-cones, cotton candy. . .

My kids got their fill of sugar and artificial colors and flavors ~ and loved every minute of it.

The SeaFair Pirates
These menacing men wondered around, sticking pirate stickers on shirts, and talking in very piratey accents.  They were funny and friendly {though Mary looks a little uncertain.}

It ended up being sunny and nearly 80 degrees.  A good start to summer, for sure.

It was a day full of fun for all
 all for free. 

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