Sunday, June 21, 2015

Progress in the potager

We planted the third week in May. 
We thought it might be fun to make the vegetable rows diagonal with a center isle for walking.  Kinda different and fun.
We planted flowers all around the perimeter. {mostly sweet peas and zinnias}
We bought organic vegetable seeds.  My friend gave me the tomato starts {the plants on the left closest to the fence.}  She also gave me three cucumber starts {on the right.}
The flower seeds I got last fall for free, but we really have no idea how well they will do being already year old seeds.
After reading about how and when to move blueberry bushes,  we decided to go ahead and move them this season. 
How crazy is that?  The left side {the older side} is growing well, but things in our new expanded section are coming up so slowly.  I am not sure if it is due to the soil, or if cucumbers and pickles just take longer to grow than lettuce and beans and beets, or what?

I'm happy to report that the blueberries are doing well in their new space.

We'll have lettuce soon.  :-)
green beans


cilantro ... smells so good!
 Did you know that when it goes to seed - that it is coriander seed?

The flowers in the garden are not coming up, but God's are. 
The foxglove grow wild everywhere on the property.

and then there is keeping these away. 
 We use Sluggo, and it works really well and is safe around pets.

Each year my goal is to plant just enough to eat fresh all season, but this year I also hope to have enough green beans and pickles to can.  I might have a chance with the green beans, but I'm not too sure about the pickling cukes. 
Gardening, for me seems to be a bit of trial and error, and a lot of learning as I go. 

Hoping for the sweet taste of success. 

Are you gardening this year?  How is it going for you?

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