Monday, June 15, 2015

Oh, wow!

My aunt was going through some things and came upon something of a treasure.
And she sent the treasure to me!
A box filled with vintage {circa 1940's} fabric cut into squares,  

along with various stages of a cathedral window quilt that her mother

{my grandmother} had been working on.

This is what a Cathedral Window quilt looks like.  This portion is nearly complete.

She made a quilt just like this for Eric and me for our wedding gift.

Her handwork is a testimony to her generation and the attention they paid to mastering homemaking skills.
Her stitches are tiny and perfectly, evenly spaced.

Even her simple basting stitches are meticulous.
It is intriguing to see the various stages of this quilt.  It's a bit of a puzzle to me since I have no idea how it goes together.
I love that parts even still have the pins in them... a work in progress.  Almost like she is showing me the steps.   

It also shows me that this is by no means a quick project.  No instant gratification here.  I imagine her working a little at a time, as time allowed.  I wonder if she was making this as a gift?  Did she have a certain person in mind? 

I'd like to pick up where she left off.  I have always wanted to learn how to quilt.  This is not quilted on top, so I suppose it is more accurate to call it patchwork.  It is a daunting project,  ~ being quite intricate ~ but perhaps I can become best friends with YouTube?  How I wish she was here to teach me.

I am so thankful that the fabric remains in excellent condition and didn't rust from the pins.   I have no idea from the amount of supplies how big this will be when it is completed, but I figure I'll just take it to the end and see what we get. 

Maybe it will make a large bedspread? 
Perhaps it will be a wedding gift for our youngest?  It just might take me that long!  ;-) 

If you are a reader who knows any good links with information about the Cathedral Window quilt... please let me know, by leaving me a comment.

. . . . .

We have finished school for the year, and are looking forward to the lighter schedule of summer.  Sun-shiny days filled with sprinkler fun, trips to the park, and dinners on the BBQ.
We have a couple of small adventures planned, maybe a house project or two, and Eric, Matthew and I are even going to a Need to Breathe/Switchfoot concert.   {I love Switchfoot's surfy sound.} 

Hope you are enjoying your summer days.

. . . . .
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