Wednesday, June 10, 2015


There are three in the family with birthdays in June.
We all thought it was a fantastic idea to celebrate them together since that never happens...being sprawled out over the nation.
My nephew just relocated to our area and was gracious enough to host this gathering.  The thing is ... he is a chef (for Tokyo Japanese Steakhouse) so he was in his element cooking a delicious dinner to feed our big crowd.

Trying to get a serious picture of these two is nearly impossible.
One or the other is always goofy.

~ The June Birthday Peeps ~
~ A few fun gifts ~

Cake and ice cream rounded out the celebration.  
But do you know what the best part of it was? 
Being able to look at them in the eye, and tell them "Happy Birthday" in person, and give a real hug {not a virtual one}.

You never would have known that just a few days earlier, my nephew was in the midst of a sea of boxes.   Seahawks bunting for the balcony was the equivalent of his "home sweet home"... except the management made him take it down.  :-/ 

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