Tuesday, June 9, 2015


My side of the family is filled with seafarers.  In fact, generations of seafarers.
And I married one too.  I think salt water just naturally pulses through our veins.
This is a model of the Steel Seafarer.  It was one of twenty-four vessels manufactured by the Isthmian Steamship Company.

My grandfather was the captain of the Steel Vendor also part of the Isthmian fleet.  It looked just like this one.

When he would come into port close to where we lived, I remember going to see my Captain Grandfather and going aboard his ship.  I was little and it was HUGE!

This is the ship's wheel from his ship.  Since Eric is also a ship captain,  my dad thought that this wheel needed to be dry-docked in our home.  


Along with the clock and the barometer.

And since he was driving here for a visit, what better time to deliver these heavy, fragile and quite sentimental pieces!
Here is a bit of maritime trivia for you.  Do you know what these are?

On the left is a Sailor's thimble .  On the right is a monkey fist.
The thimble is used when sewing thick canvas sails with large (huge) needles. 
The monkey fist is used when a line is tossed.  It acts like a weight at the end of the line.
Did you know that line is the proper word instead of rope?  Rope is actually made of metal, line is made from hemp, cotton or polypropylene.

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