Thursday, June 11, 2015

Ellie's Day

~ Nine ~
~ 9 ~
~ N - I - N - E ~
Her last year of single digits
Daddy thought this day was worthy of this breakfast!
{ Daddy's like to spoil their little girls.}
They looked amazing, but ... just for the kiddos.

Daniel was in complete agreement about the breakfast choice.

Abbie was pretty happy too.

This girl!

Today being a work day means opening gifts in the morning before they leave.

Lego is one of Ellie's favorites.  Isn't that retro camper the best?

Boots to match the sisters.

Her Great Aunt gave Ellie her vintage cookie cutters.

Grammy sent a box filled with fun things to do. {paper, markers, puzzles, a jump rope... }

More Lego!
She spent the day building and playing.  Her dinner request was hamburgers and then
banana splits instead of cake. 

So what kind of girl is Ellie?
  • She is imaginative and artistic.  Drawing is one of her favorite pastimes.  Recently she has begun writing stories to go with her drawings.  :-)
  • She is caring and inquisitive.  She loves animals and finds bugs interesting.
  • Lately, most of her sentences begin with, "Did you know...?"
  • She is both girly-girl and tomboy.   She likes dresses and skirts and horsing around with her brothers.
  • She is tender hearted and sensitive.   When scared sisters ask her to kill a spider, she is brave and happy to help them.
  • Although 2-1/2 years older, she is only just slightly taller than her younger sister and weighs just about the same.  
  • Her hair is thick and grows fast.
  • She is diligent and persistent.  Reading has not come easy for her, but she works hard and is reaping the fruit now. 
  • She has a hunger to learn more about God and has a tender heart towards right and wrong.
Eric and I are so blessed to be her parents.  She has such a joyful disposition and is easily corrected.  We earnestly pray that her thirst for God and His righteousness is unquenchable and she will hunger for His Word and direction always.  Praying she grows in the knowledge of Him even more in this coming year.

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