Thursday, May 7, 2015

Just plain thankful

It was sunny today and warm too.
I ate my lunch outside at my little bistro table and just soaked in the warm sunshine
and this view.

I couldn't help but feel so incredibly thankful.  Overwhelmingly thankful!
Thankful for
my little perch on the hill top
the beautiful, white, puffy clouds
the blue, blue sky
and the clean, fresh air.
Thankful for the green as the result of rain.
For rain
and for sunshine
and for my little {not so little now} garden.
For farm animals, 
for peace and quiet,
and for safety.
For the company of my favorite little people.
For a place to call home.
This place we call home.
For my husband who will return to us after a long, hard day.
Thankful for his job too.
 And for God who deserves ALL the praise,
who abundantly provides for us
not just the stuff of life,


  1. I'm not sure where you call home, but that view is amazing!

    1. We live in Washington state. The Pacific Northwest is a beautiful place!

  2. I love our home too. I love you very very very much Carol. I love my kids to the end of space and back.

    1. I am so blessed! Glad we are on this journey together. <3


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