Sunday, May 10, 2015


I can't seem to find the right words, so let me just say
Thanks, Mom. 
For all you have done and the love you have shown.
I am so thankful for my mom,
and for Eric's mom { my other mom :-) } 
. . . . .
and for being a mom.
Today my husband and kids showered me with sweet gifts,

but the best gift they could give to me was one of their time.  Sometimes it is hard to find something fun to do that everyone will enjoy. 
We went on a ferry ride.
We walked on instead of driving because
we just wanted to enjoy the ride across the Sound and back again


 perfect weather. perfect scenery. perfect company.
perfect day!


  1. I love you mommy! Happy Mother's Day! <3

  2. Looks like it was a gorgeous day for a ride! It also looks like you had a blast, which I know you did <3

  3. Those mugs are epic. Hope to have my own collection some day! Happy Mother's Day a couple days late! Seeing your youngest always reminds me of that day at Charlotte's place. :o)

    1. Aren't those mugs great?!
      Happy Mother's Day to you too, Friend, and that's exactly how I feel when I see photos of your sweet kiddos. Any chance you moving back to the PNW?


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